The Tennis thread


Tell her to select someone alot more mature for your minajatwa


Rogers fked already


It took me a second to realise you wanted a menage a trois


Looking at this crowd though has me keener than ever to go. Looks like getting a ticket is a piece of cake


Wind playing havoc and it’s clear Roger is trying to avoid rallies and finish points quickly


I thought my spelling didn’t seem French at all


When I used to watch years ago, I can’t remember it being so empty. I wonder if they can’t afford to go anymore?


The literal translation doesn’t sound appealing at all.


They donated all their money to rebuild Notre Dame


Well Aceman is married…


When I rocked up I was gifted a ticket by some corporate bloke handing them out. Was nuts. Centre court thank you very much.

Nobody there. Walk around the city and you wouldn’t know it was on.

Not a patch on the Melbourne, London or NY where they have fan zones set up and the whole city knows its happening.


They’ve refurbished centre court, doesn’t look as good as previous.


Such a great time of the year for sport.

Tennis, Cricket, Footy.

I was in the UK and the States in 2001 and what a great Northern Hemisphere Summer it was.

We won everything until the Grand Final.




He is right in this, Rafa looks off the boil so far


Being national donut day, wouldn’t be surprised to see one for fed in the second or third set.


I wonder what effect terrorism has had on sporting events in Paris?

I have been to Paris more than half a dozen times and Paris has changed a lot in the last 5 years or so.


Reckon Parisians cant afford tickets.


Like the Aus open it’s an international event.

Even more so in Europe where you can take a flight and be there in an hour.


Just reading up on the French crowds and apparently most of the tickets for this tournament are corporate seats and that’s why crowds can be so inconsistent.

Just open it up to the public you morons.