The Tennis thread


Great start Barty
Solid first serving %, low errors and strong solid ground-stroke winners.
yesterday should prepare her for any upcoming fightbacks to win this first set from here


Barty up 4-0 now.


Ball moving around in the wind out there


game being determined off Barty’s racquet
first serve down and unforced errors drops a game
stay brave


Damn, Ash broken


4-1. Back to one break of serve for Barty.


wow .great drop shot
vondro having to start to open up
Settling break for Barty 5:1


Ash breaks straight back, 5-1


I think foxtel go is about a minute behind blitz.


Great serving game from Barty
and closes it out 6:1


C’mon. … 1 more fkn point!!


First set over in a flash.
Come on Ash, finish her


And there it is.

Easy first set tbh.

Hopefully does it just as easy in the 2nd.


Barty wins first set


Great stuff!


Behind SBS HD I think?


Vondro serve has nothing on it
she hasn’t really opened up yet
Barty reading her drop shots
Barty settled and serving holding up

Would be great to break her early


wonder why they aren’t showing hawkeye anymore, they did in earlier matches.


Giving the Chair Ump some exercise, . …


some of them need it
Barty breaks YAY
6:1 1:0