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“Fark” LOL


Took until the second set to hold serve. The score was a very accurate reflection of how one sided this match was. Nerves got in the way, Barty is a very fitting champion. Well done Ashliegh.


You farkin beauty


Lol, … SBS feed just went to God.

Fkn great timing. . .

Aaaaand, … we’re back.


Well done champion!


Fantastic stuff!


Not just the SBS feed - Kayo as well


Thread title change, … "The Ash Barty Uber APPRECIATION Thread"


Missed it live. Thanks for the commentary and late links. Awesome effort, Ash. Massive. Can’t recall the last time an Aussie lady won this event. Maybe, Court back in the 70s?


Bad luck Marketa, … just weren’t up for it on the day, maybe a bit overwhelmed.

Should get another chance.


evonne goolagong


Distinct lack of fanatics is very refreshing


They actually said 1st since Marg Court during the comm & interview.


You’re right.
Evonne won it in 71, Court won it in 73



This tournament has become flat as tack. No one there seemed to give two ■■■■■.

Regardless, great stuff from Ash.


From this

To this

Well done Ash - you’re everything that used to be good about Australian tennis


Congratulations Ash well deserved, the first of many to come.

Also hearty congratulations to Dylan Alcott.

Both great Aussies to be proud of.


Glad I got up to watch- so happy for her. Great game & a really nice person! Someone we can be proud to call Australian. Congrats Ash!!
I didn’t see Dylan’s win - wish I had. Congrats to him also - another great Aussie!


Oh. Ye. Of. Little. Faith.