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This has to be one of the best photos I’ve seen for years. I wonder how old Ash was when she won that tournament? She looks about 5 years old.
I despise social media, but every now and then it produces a gem.


Couldn’t stay awake last night but have followed her journey and watched this tournament. She’s well deserving of this title and rapt she’s achieved it. There’s such a difference between our women players and their male peanut counterparts sans Tomic & Kyrgios. The ladies are representing this country magnificently. Well done Ash! :trophy:


My wife elbowed me about 20 times so I saw most of it. Haha :joy: had to be up three hours later to catch a flight


Tennis is always fascinating to watch as a young player closes in on the championship and their dream.

Almost all players emotions will see them seesaw between tightening up and playing too safe or over playing for winners that arent there. Thiem almost threw his chance away in the fifth set of the semi.

Ash went through this but everytime it started to happen she looked down gave a tweak of her cap or necklace and humbly moved to the next point to take it on its merits.

She is super strong. The mark of a champion. She’ll win many many more I reckon.


When this Aus Open comes back around I hope they give her top billing on Centre Court for all the night sessions, and shove Kyrgios/Tomic etc on some tiny outside courts.


I love watching her because you’re not worried about when the meltdown is coming. You know she’ll give 110% every point and will go down swinging.


Good post. There were actually a number of really long games, where Ash’s level dropped a few times but she was fighting through it. Vondruosova just started way too poorly though.

Got to love Barty though, look at this: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hopefully Ash’s achievement can spur Kyrgios onto greater things.

He’s now the second most popular Australian tennis player.


just logged on to see what happened - amazing.

Saying congrats and well done doesn’t do it justice.


What the? How do you determine that he’s second?


I think Ash has just overtaken him.

Australians love a winner


Exactly what I was thinking - although I guess he is popular with the teenagers who think his antics are pretty cool.

He’ll never achieve anything of substance as he simply doesn’t have the work ethic let alone the mental strength to last a fortnight in a grand slam.

And sadly he’ll never change because he has it too good as it is - train a bit, turn up, play off your natural ability, earn a crap load but eventually be bundled out by someone willing to work harder.

It appears that winning grand slam titles isn’t important enough to him to drive him to change.


Just brilliant!

Great headline from the Betoota:


Now a Megastar.

What I loved about one of the interviews was everything was “We”. No sense of “I” . Coach, fitness team, family etc, they’re all in this together.


Maybe Tomic and Kyrgios take a year off tennis and come back refreshed

Well done Barty Australia’s biggest Tennis star.




Seriously, fark both of them. They’re wankers. Hopefully someone like De Minaur comes through instead.


That “WTF” is so perfect, so pure when you see the joy on her face.



Damn you loyal and proud and your rapier sharp wit


love this pic