The Tennis thread


Rafa crunches Thiem 6-1 in the third and now is serving first in the 4th


Emphatic dislay by Rafa in the third.


Thiem earns a break point in the first game of the fourth set. Rafa saves it, then takes the game without any problems.


And Rafa dodges a bullet
And then goes on to break Thiem


Cracks in the Thiem game starting to widen. Error count beginning to creep upwards.


Rafa saves another 2 break points and now leads 3-0
Thiem just dropped his head in despair




Massive hold for Thiem from 0/40


Thiem’s body language is indicative.


Thiem 4 - 1 down in the fourth, andstarting to look a bit ragged. His body language getting worse.


Start engraving the trophy


Thiem misses a big forehand, and looks like he has already conceeded. Rafa only has to hold serve to claim his twelfth French Open title. Opens up with an ace out wide.


Three points into the game, and Rafa has 3 chamionship points. He has been imperious.


3 hours. You need to be at that top level for 4 hours to beat Rafa on clay.


And there it is!
All hail the King of clay, what an absolute champion


The French Open production is an absolute joke. Why the ■■■■ are they showing a video of Rod Laver? I get he’s presenting the trophy but ■■■■ me. The slam is bush league compared to all the others.


I think because it was the 50th anniversary of Laver winning the French Open.
I didn’t mind it TBH, nice to honour the greats



Yes, it was terrible. The applause was muted. No atmosphere generated by the crowd.


Not only is Ash Barty a great Australian, she’s a great indigenous Australian!