The Tennis thread


I know next to nothing about tennis aside from most of the rules. Is it true no one thought clay would be the surface Barty would do her best on?


Barty and clay is a strange one - Her game should be suited to clay, though her results in the past put a lie to that theory - Think what has helped her is playing at a lighter weight, allowing for more agility and court coverage - She has the game to win on any surface.


She certainly struggled in earlier clay court tournaments this season. Rome and Madrid IIRC.
I think she said her aim for the French was not to fall over!
She did play well, but was also helped that every other top seed got knocked out before she faced them. But you can only beat who you face, so good luck to her.


Yes - It was a bit of surprise but at the same time Barty has the most wins on tour this year - So she’s in decent form.


She got to QF at Madrid, only lost to Halep. I think she just snuk up on everyone as she’s not one of these personalities demanding attention. Furthermore, the days of all the surfaces playing significantly differently are virtually gone. No reason why a well rounded player can’t do well on all surfaces. Nadal is just a crazy outlier on clay.


Barty to qtrs at Birmingham - to meet Venus W.


Go ASH, you ARE REMARAKABLE and can teach other athletes a lot about perseverance,
grit, never give up attitude and the sun will come up tomorrow whether I win or lose.

You are a worthy champion.


In the meantime, Kyrgios behaviour just keeps getting worse. He should be banned from the tour.


I sometimes wonder if Nick if OFF his meds.


Will be number one if she wins this tournament.


Beat Serena’s sister overnight to get to semis.


Venus wasn’t it?




I stand corrected. I read headline of williams and assumed serena. Was hoping it was serena because if she gets to number 1 there will be knockers that say she hasn’t beaten the best.


How can you say that about Serena? She’s a mother, for God’s sake!


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