The travel thread - elimination final



Relatively short drive so I’d suspect there will be a fair few heading up the Hume

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yeah we’re doing the road trip thing :slight_smile:


Thats another option i have taken the train to sydney before aswell.

Would have gone on the bus, but the no alcohol restriction put me off :frowning:

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Can’t wait

So glad I got airfares before the airlines jacked up the prices!

Staying at The Ultimo, lunchtime flight to Sydney, back home Sunday arvo. Think it is about a 15-20 min walk to the ground from there, done it before when I’ve been up for the cricket, just hope it doesn’t ■■■■ down. Otherwise may have to bus it, got no idea about PT in Sydney…

6 of us are driving up Friday, Come home Sunday after a big win.

We will push 40% of the crowd I think, Sydney will be black and red,

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Flying up Friday . Meeting my cousin up there . Back late Sunday . Time to recover . Finals yeah !

Very keen for a pre-game beer. Is there a place near the ground that fans usually go to? I’m staying at Pier One in The Rocks; not exactly close to the ground but I’m there Thursday night for work and I CBF changing hotels.

I am wondering the same thing . Essendon pub ?

Essendon end of the ground is up near the members i think.

Olympic hotel opposite the Bradman gates. Pretty crap pub but enough red and black and could make it your own.

Good luck with that, no GayFL here mate. It’s a task to find somewhere that will play it with sound as the NRL will be on.
Casino maybe?

I appreciate the irony in asking this but, is there parking near the ground?

If we happen to win there’s some chance I may be too hungover to board the return flight home


Yes there is but it fills very quickly and is about $25-30.
Going to the NRL I’ve found it easier to park at Sydney Boys High and from there it’s a short walk, not sure if they open for AFL or not.
I’m mildly annoyed that my brother sold his apartment in Newtown only about 2 months ago

There’s a link to detailed info at the bottom of the ticket.

True story: I wrote the report that got the ticket machines on Driver Avenue approved.

Copied this post from the ticketing thread -

Hey fellow interstate Blitzers
There’s a few of us NSW Bombers working on a pre game pub location right now
I’ll post some info as soon as we can confirm a good venue to meet up for a beer or 17 before the match
We don’t think PJ’s @ Fox Studios is gonna be suitable cos it’ll be packed so we’re thinking nearby (short Uber / cab ride) from SCG
Swans supporters come out in force when they are winning & they also need time to get to the ground to buy themselves a brand new scarf to prove their loyalty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Watch this space I’ll keep you guys in the loop
Let’s go Bombers - Redemption 17!!

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The Cammelia Grove Hotel ALEXANDRIA usually shows all AFL games
NSW Bombers get together there regularly