The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Anyone talking about essendons injury list should go have a look at the pie’s injury list.

Yet they still keep winning.


seriously that image makes me want to puke. its disgraceful.


The guy behind him is in tears and the chick next to him is showing her ‘O’ face, but the best Langers can do is look like he has just eaten a mildly satisfying burrito.


Why is it disgraceful? He’s enjoying the game. I’m there on that day also, wearing a Bulldogs scarf in support of my partner. It’s a farking game!


Sounds like what people said in 2017 and in 2016. Probably every year since 2005…


Bar Treloar and Elliot, thats a bunch of bang average players there on that list for the Pies. Whats your point?


It’s not something you see that often.

If it was anybody else I would be furious.


Nope, I don’t buy that.
If your emotions are so shot, and your temperament is so unstable, be it from drinking, personality or over investment - you should do something positive about it. It’s a dangerous state to be in and leads to all kinds of trouble.


You may not buy it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

People have all sorts of health issues that impact them. I know it impacts me


Pffft, you wish.


So…I won’t encourage you when you go down that road then…


Because. He plays a competitive sport. You are in direct competition with 17 other teams. Its a bizarre concept to me that showing support for another team, which is in direct competition with your own, is acceptable.

To go full WOB, its a perfect example of not having that single minded ruthlessness for success.

Instead of going there and being happy for the bulldogs, id much prefer he locked himself in a basement and told himself that next year itd be him running out on grand final day with the bombers.


huh? please explain


You follow a team your whole life and the big moment for them comes you don’t go, coz you know, some nobody on a forum doesn’t like it.


Like I said before, I am of the opinion (and I think you’ll find that this isn’t exactly breaking ground here) that the emotional rollercoaster people can sometimes go on is very unhealthy, directly and indirectly. Not only are the stress-related repercussions potentially debilitating, it can also lead to being ‘out of control’ - so much so, that nothing else matters - a tunnel vision. In that state, a person can do all kinds of things they and others will regret when their chemical imbalance evens back out.
Encouraging this behavior facilitates the ‘switch’.
So I won’t encourage it.


oh ok fair enough. I thought you were encouraging something very different.

I completely agree with you on the first bolded part. I don’t want to turn this thread into Dr Phil but it’s something i am working on.

Yesterday was the first time in ages that i walked out of the G on the final siren and wasn’t really angry or annoyed that we lost. Was more of a “oh well can’t win them all” sort of thing. I took that as a good sign


you can be a real ■■■■■ at times.

its my opinion on the matter. langford can do whatever the fark he likes, but i think it looks wrong.

You reduce a lot of peoples posts down to insert topic of discussion “isnt going to change just because some nobody on a forum doesnt like it”, whenever someone makes a comment you dont agree with.


And I bet although you felt like ■■■■ because of the loss, it didn’t take that long to ‘move on’ - because you hadn’t worked yourself up too much.
Look - my own personality is similar - I’m know for my rather bad temper - or I used to be. I’ve worked on it most of my life, and even vowed I wouldn’t have kids till I brought it under control, because it had taken over my life. I would go to sporting games specifically to pick fights. I’m not some goody-goody who has no idea, trust me.


I had a bit of a melt down a few weeks ago and thought I might go with the cats (only because they have Ford written over them and I’m a passionate Ford fan)

Then we played them and beat em and I havent looked back.

If this place is good for one thing its a place to vent your frustrations.

Deep down I know our team needs us as much as we need them.

Go Bombers (and Ford) ■■■■ the rest particularly Collingwood they are my most hated team by far


You should follow the Cats. They’re a great club that are going places.