The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Screw the Bulldogs.

And screw the maggots from the 2016 GF. Biased maggotry at its worst.


Not a peep was raised? We’re you under a rock after my trip? The in form team? no their not. they have beaten absolutely no one. They were ripe for the picking with their injuries. I’m trying hard to be myself? What the fark does that even mean? Signs have been good? Apart from the years where we have been bottom four in the last 16 years, I bet you have said that EVERY fkn year we play a bit of good footy here or there. We’ve had good “signs” for nearly two decades and done absolutely nothing!

You people don’t fkg get it, and fk the lot of you who think this is a over reaction to a loss where we “tried hard” fact is that loss well and truly put curtains on our season, once again Reading through this for the first time since yesterday just makes me angrier at how ignorant most of you are to just be okay with once again, being nothing but a middle of the road side. Stick your heads in the sand, make up ANY excuse you can for yet another failed year, just shy away from the fact we are no good. How do north Melbourne who were tipped for the spoon, rebuild in a couple of years, go back to playing finals this year? How? And we’re no closer than we were in 2004.

“Oh but we’ve won 3 interstate”

“Oh but we’ve only lost to 1st and 2nd on the ladder in the last 7 weeks!”

It all means fkn nothing! Here’s a newsflash, you have to be good for the majority of the home and away season. You also must win games that keep you in finals contention. How ANYONE can see the season so far as anything but a disaster and another wasted season where we are not going to win a final AGAIN has got me fkd. But yeah, hang your hats on we had a good 7 week period! Or we won a couple interstate! Watching the eagles game was great, I love to experience wins over here. One of The rare glimpses of joy in what sucks being a Essendon supporter year in. I have to party like it’s 1999, because history says it’ll be years before it happens again. Like I mentioned above, just about every year for 14-16 years (apart from REAL bad years) ive thought “yep, I can see us going in the right direction” just for the following year to be the same, and the one after that, and so on. It never ends

Ask yourself. How long are you going to believe in this current system. How long are you going to hold out hope success is just around the corner. How long are you going to keep calm. But hey, there are so many self absorbed fkheads on this forum who are perfect humans, perfect supporters, and live perfect lives, so just ask them how to conduct yourself because they will know

My tipping point, was yesterday, where I realised, once again, I can’t watch the team I love win a final heading on 16 years in a row. 16 years. You’ll find your tipping point. You will, trust me. I know yesterday seems a odd time, but sometimes it’s the smallest of losses that may seem insignificant to actually break your passion. The realisation of all that sunk in yesterday and I’d had enough

I’m taking some time away from this forum, and football. It’s sucking the life out of me. It’s drained me to the point of nothing. I honestly could not care less anymore.


Yeah, well take it up with Mrs Deck.
I’d like to be there to watch hahahaha


relax man, seriously.


Ok, so if you accept and understand that - what’s next? We are ‘no good’.
Now what?
No footy?




Even the Bulldogs supporters that were near us cringed at some of the frees. Of course you take them but Sydney were genuinely disadvantaged by the umpires that day. And it’s not only the frees that the Bulldogs were given but the frees that Sydney didn’t get that drove me mad. I’m convinced the outcome was pre-determined in advance.


Good. Fark off you whiney, emotionally unhinged, little sook. You could have had all the athletic gifts of Kouta and the AFL would have still spat your soft ■■■■ right out.

I can’t imagine how you’d ever cope with actual hardship.


Yeah, well personally - I couldn’t give a fark either way.


'Sac, please?


Can’t believe you’d choose your wife over me.


Same ■■■■ different year wouldn’t surprise me if we stagnate again next season


The truth for me is that we are a couple of midfielders and 2nd genuine ruckman short.

Let’s deal with the latter first.

As much as we are all admiring of Bellchambers’ efforts, he needs quality back-up. Leuenberger will most likely go at the end of the season and I am not sure Draper is totally ready. So we should be looking at getting a ruckman from another club that is ready to take that spot.

As for midfielders, that could all change this week.


From this week on, we need to play all the above in the midfield at times.


Sheedy was a member of a few other teams while he was coaching us.


Scott Lycett and Wallis would be a good off season

And then next year we make a huge play for Dylan Shiel




No it is called supporting football, something he was passionate about and still is.


My all-encompassing love for Essendon waned around 09-10. I’d accepted the Sheedy era had come to an end but by that stage it had become clear that the club really didn’t know what it was doing and hadn’t done for quite a while. The Hird appointment frustrated me even further on a couple of fronts. One, that the club would approach a bloke with no coaching experience to take on the role and two, that J Hird would be so arrogant to accept the job. Even N Buckley of FIGJAM notoriety was humble enough to recognise that the job of senior coach required at least some training and took on a role of assistant to prepare. So what happened next was no surprise although I never, even when wildly speculating on what could go wrong could have imagined they’d stuff up as comprehensively as they did. Anyway, football is now just entertainment to me. I enjoy watching Essendon play and quite a few other sides and I’m better for it.


The bit I don’t get is you think we haven’t had a moment like you are experiencing now. WOB you’ve been one of the most optimistic posters the whole time, many of us have allready had our cbf anymore moments.

I was done in 2009 except for foggys thread.

2015 I barely watched a game with saga fatigue and the dismal on field performance.

I was done this year after the Carlton game, ready to sack the board and burn the joint down. For whatever reason we have turned it around since than and I’ve really enjoyed footy since then.

The overall point that this team will allways fail to step up at some point of the season remains true until it isn’t.


Now you are a taking the ■■■■, surely?