The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Fark me! You just love twisting this.
He didn’t say it was 'just a job, he said ‘it’s his job’. And that is exactly what it is.


Like Dyson said, “its just a job.” Good attitude to have. I wish I had it.


I agree with you.

No problem with supporting them but wearing the scarf is a bit much.


Yes but according to reboot youre an internet nobody therefore cant have an opinion on it.


Big, important game - can almost guarantee Essendon will fall short.

If no pressure or expectation to win, like the WC Eagles game, then Essendon often spring a surprise. Been happening for a decade.

North and Brisbane I don’t rate.


This is borderline unfair really


Apologise for what I said to two posters, it wasn’t on


For my own health now, I had a “3 strikes and I’m out” rule against the maggots. I stop watching after they make 3 egregious cheating calls.

On Sunday, I stupidly broke this rule, hoping we could still prevail against all odds.


wow, you are a special type of flog aren’t you

As for the bolded bit. what a pathetic thing to say


Yeah…and they’re sadly missed…right? Right?

Not by me though.


Might be best if this thread was closed for everyones sake.


In fairness they made at least 3 inside the first 2 minutes so you wouldn’t have had time to switch off


It sounds like you might need to.

At the end of the day, it’s just a bunch of millionaires chasing around a piece of pigs skin. It should affect you to that degree. It’s only a game. It really is only a game. There are far more important things in life that could use your attention.

I’d suggest you do some volunteer work for those less fortunate. You gain some perspective and feel a whole lot happier for it.


Thought you were talking about Blitz for a hot minute.


So many miserable sods…

we’re going to get smashed by Geelong. Result: where the hell has this been, but we’ll get smashed by GWS next week. Oh…but but we’ll get smashed by Richmond next week. See…told you so, now we’ll lose to Brisbane next week. Get shafted by the umps and flog WCE. Get shafted by the umps and beat one of our bogey teams. Flag is ours!

Back in the old days, every village had their idiot. But now with the Internet, the bastards have gone global and think their opinion is worth listening to.


Its a good sign for you and your mwntal health, so i applaud it.

But how sad it is in general. Everyone was so focussed on us not turning into richmond , but instead we are going to turn into the new melbourne, which a bunch of apathetic supporters, who go off and find more joy rolling down a hill with frozen water on it


Haven’t read the thread, but “the truth” is that everyone struggles after losing a player early. And getting shafted by the umps. We have turned a corner in the last month. Believe


What did I say?


any else think of this when they see the thread title



Absolutely no need for that ■■■■.