The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Been meaning to post that one all day


I’ve had my 24 CHICKEN NUGETTS and still haven’t calmed down.

Not about the weekend…well thats a lie, but at the reaction to @westozziebomber and his justifiable anger and the lack of any ambition to the sea of ■■■■ we’ve seen for 15 years. This is a bloke the drove the length of the ■■■■■■■ country for this club, a bloke who sat through almost 20 years of us losing 9 out of every 10 in a perth. I reckon the bloke has enough points in the bank to be alittle ■■■■■■ off.


How many times have we said that in the last 15 years. We the mew pre 2017 Richmond and we are well on the way to matching the 30 years of ■■■■ thet dished up.


Grammatically - there in lies the truth They’re all going bananas if thinking their opinions matter.


Can you call others a c__t and piece of s__t and not get banned?


One of the few things I agree with you, about.


This is the problem for you guys that think supporting a football team guarantees you something. 15 mediocre years…ohh poor us!
Choose to support or choose not to. St Kilda was founded 150 years ago and has won one flag. They are hard to win and that’s why it’s so enjoyable when and if it happens.
WOB says ‘you’ll find your tipping point, you will, trust me’. Well WOB, I won’t, because I’m a dons supporter and that’s what supporters do, we support. We disagree with selection, board members, coaching appointments, which way we kicked when we won the toss but we support. Don’t peg your life to the success or otherwise of a sporting club. There are no promises.


Hit the report button


The bus is other teams winning flags Llyod and Harry are Essendon supporters


This thread is farking horrid.

WOBs struggling, and emotionally has had enough of football and the club. You would have thought posting that fact, on an internet board SOLELY dedicated to ultra obsessed Essendon supporting nerds, would be a safe space to express that view.

But noooo, he expresses that view in a post dripping with emotion and half the farking forum piles on to tell him what a terrible supporter and bloke he is.

Surely everyone here understands the emotions he’s going through, even if you don’t agree with them. I’m in that camp. Do I agree with all the original post? No. Do I understand and have sympathy for the view? Absolutely.

Having a crack at someone who’s struggling in those circumstances is a piece of sh/t move and some of you should seriously have a good hard look at yourselves. There are actual real people on the other side of the screen you know.



Not defending either way but don’t you think it reasonable that as a said supporter that he supports his struggling team too instead of taking shots at them and throwing out horrid statements about them?


Everyone in this thread can GAGF.

Surely we’re the new Richmond now. So when do we start becoming good at football?


Your post to westozziebomber.


He has supported them plenty, more passionately than most, and if he’s had enough at this point that’s purely a decision for him I would have thought.

But my issue is not about people disagreeing with him (which I do), it’s the vitriol directed at him, which in my view is totally not on.


WHAT post to westozzie? Give me a post number or a quote? What are you talking about? I haven’t made any post to wob?


He’s said some very emotional things and some not very nice things about the club we all support, he was always going to get some very emotional responses.


True. But I still think it’s not on.


If you didn’t then I apologise.


If I didn’t what? Mate are you on the good stuff or what?


I wish I was but unfortunately I am not.