The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Smythy was busy earning his 175k (plus super) today when a Skunk fan mentioned how good our fans are. Re: sticking fat. Turning up etc.

Concur with his sentiments and those above. Even Smythy is still clinging on. Just. That said, I’ve not been back since the Carlton game this year. Said I would not return. So I haven’t. Man of principles.

Yesterday Pendlebury, Sidebottom and Grundy won that game. Despise the pelican phrases that pundits like David King aka “The Cop” float out but they did win it “at the source.” End of story. Stop the crap about the umpires. Our midfield is still Scania.


I use to wear an Essendon hat,scarf or jacket when i stepped out of the house but not anymore when people ask who i barack for i say the bombers and the first reaction I get is a laugh or how we are no good.


Will you ever return?
If so, what will make you return?


Surely you’re not worried about people having a laugh at the colours of your scarf?


Haha no my point is I used to wear Essendon colours with pride now I just don’t care.


I wear the colours because I support and encourage EFC.
There have been let downs, pride has ebbed and flowed but that’s no cause to put the scarf away.


Maybe when Essendon starts wining finals and becomes relevant again I will wear my scarf haha


Hanging it out the car window?


pot, kettle

But you still are massive puss for trying to use the ignore function in the first place


Don’t drive if i did would have the scarf on the back windscreen


what a read this thread was, bloodyy hell

fkg concur



Extraordinarily underrated movie


Just randomly type “My cat’s name is mittens” then.


Still one of the best:


Wot? Again? Didn’t you make an alleged comeback last year too?


I was gonna say “tell them to fark off” but then I saw who was posting…


That background music is underrated, need to make a new one with Essendon supporters losing there brains.


Of course it would! That is why I said 6 years ago that was the reason why the AFL and Vlad chose us as their scapegoat.

We were the only club compliant enough that could survive.

PS Excuse my French) but this still makes me mad



Fix it.