The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Bien sûr, mon censeur.


I’ve written 18 off now so just hoping we stick with youth for last month before reloading for 19.
This thread has been really entertaining.
I love wings too. Nene chicken at Highpoint do some fabulous wings


Oh that is pure gold.


It’s all arbitary now, Essendon is in the “selling hope game” for 2019 and like a sucker returning to the slot machine I’m buying.


Brown slapping monfries and Kennett throwing a tantrum are the best.


I do them on the Weber with a spice rub called Hot [email protected]

Hot [email protected] bath time is now on the list.


That “aim for the bushes scene” still cracks me up every time I see it.


is about time they start to train Daniher to play full back, he chokes in front of goals , he is quicker & can jump higher than , Brown & cox, probably could ave 1 with im there, he could also kick a ball from the fullback square to centre 1 without choking in front of goals, & can switch hit in ruck, i think the coach needs his head examined


If this game was the “tipping point”, then I reckon they were already over the edge 6 weeks ago, just didn’t realise it.

Or they are just getting in early for when we lose next week. Either way, this thread has been baffling to say the least


@Crazy_Bomber how does the shower beer join the mix


Shower beer, now we’re talking.


I think that road trip finally caught up with WOB.
All that way for two loses.
Post-Nullabor syndrome.


underated post, even better username


I am now at the level of using to check in game scores and then blitz as twitter to canvas opinions

I don’t think I have seen a full replay since the start of the year

EFC it’s not you, well it kind of is - it’s more the afl and the vibe of it all


literally the only result that would annoy me is getting rolled by fark carlton.

so meh, but this is 10 years in the making

I use be rusted on. Oh well


I thought the win in Perth might have kept him in good stead for a while.


Only Band on the Run! Other were rubbish.




Agree 100% Blummers. Any change to the attitude and culture of the club must come from the top down. The subservient chairman and his Board need to sit down and determine what “We are Essendon” really means. The facts are it took 19 years of mediocrity before we won on 1984. We have had another 19 years of mediocrity since 2000. At least when Sheeds came to the club we saw a year to year improvement.

The Chairman and the Board set the strategic direction of the club. They would claim successes in the increase in membership and revenue but it could be claimed that this was on the back of some young players emerging and this years recruitment of Stringer, Saad and Smith. Increase in membership and revenue comes from winning premierships.

The Board and the Senior Management Group need to step up and show some leadership. They are not there to be subservient to the AFL. They are there to bring onfield success to our club, nothing less.

Benchmarking our performance against the success of Collingwood is a very interesting but not new concept. They have a longer injury list than us but are second on the ladder. They show up our lack of depth in the midfield which has been our Achilles heel for 15 years.

Re-appointing Worsfold was a mistake. He was probably the right person to bring in post Jim and Bomber, mainly because of the strength in his leadership. Now we need a good strategist with a gameplan that is sustainable but with flexibility to shut a game down when the ball isn’t bouncing our way.

I would add that many of us would have at least been buoyed by an approach by the Chairman or Head of Footy to the AFL about a meeting with the head of maggots to go through last weeks game and discuss the merits of certain decisions made and decisions missed. At the very least we, the long suffering supporters, would see that the club has some spine.


Good post. Agree with it all, but:

It is more like 17 years. Remember after the 2001 GF, the pledge was “our #1 priority is to recruit jet midfielders”?


FFS, I just said we had 7 of our best 22 out already ourselves — plus we lost three more during the match. Well, Ambrose went off, and Stringer and Myers limped their way through. By the fourth quarter, with the interchange reduced and two walking wounded, we didn’t have a prayer. The wonder is, we did as well as we did.