The truth (about the history of Blitz)


I keep opening this thread with the intention of checking out the page 3 girl, but am left disappointed that this is not the newspaper of the same name that never pretended to do journalism.


So many people discount successfully turning our season around.

We have had some shocking years where the wheels have fallen off and we have been stuck in that malaise until the off season. Yes the start of the year was bad and unacceptable but to turn it around they way we have shows the players and people around them do have a bit of mettle. I definitely give the club some praise in having done so.

If next year there is a repeat then some of the commentary is valid. But I think the strength and leadership to turn it around mid season holds us in good stead.


Bullshit. You’re looking for HeartBalm.


Lots of people lose faith, everyone reacts differently. Some go quietly and others need their look at me moment which says far more about them. To each their own in how they deal with it. But remember, actions have consequences and you make the bed you lie in.

I also laugh at how people say some are better supporters that others. As if supporting the club itself is a farken competition.

I walked away a few years ago because I realised the game made me angry, and that it was not helping, but hurting me. It was making me a person I didn’t want my family to be around. They wanted me to support again, but I needed my time to heal. Now I watch the club and view it with far less emotion. I am highly critical of the club and their decisions, but a loss won’t make me lose it. Culture can be built. Just have to build it from the top down. Despite the lows, I have enjoyed some of this season, because: footy is a game and it is ultimately just entertainment. I have enjoyed when we play well and I have been disappointed when we don’t. But there is way more to life and you just move on to next week.

As a general statement, if you get violent or aggressive about entertainment (which is all footy is), you are the problem and you need to address it.


Honestly, I was more annoyed after the win over the Lions, that the loss to Collingwood.


I just appreciated we won a game we normally wouldn’t in Brisbane.

The Pies game they lifted and we didn’t. Got a few lucky ones. I looked at it more as telling them what is needed to slog out a win. Hopefully the see that the drop off can’t occur and learn from it. Need to be pragmatic in that, they are evolving and that needs to accelerate, so these sorts of games need to be beneficial, else we really are treading water.


Just been alerted by my social media vigilant wife that Worsfold is seeking advice from the maggot department about the recent lop-sided free kick count. Go for it Woosha.

Any chance we can have specific examples, like the Smith tackle and free. Heppel being monstered in a marking contest by Cox etc etc… A general statement won’t cut it. Supporters aren’t dumb. We need to understand the reasoning behind those decisions. But, they are sensitive little petals these maggots.


Hopefully any statement if there is one is along the lines of ‘we have had clarification on a number of rules and decisions and will provide this information to the playing group’
Supporters might moan about umpiring but Clubs shouldn’t. That’s primary school stuff.


I was dancing ironically


Dunno, Clarkson made a big song and dance about umpiring in his first 3-4 years - it seems to work.


Yeah it’s pretty amazing how they turned it from ‘unsociable football’ to free kick Hawthorn.


He had the big sook about them this year too.


There is still time…


I have hope. But no faith.


Oh man, that Kennett reaction on loop is better than most stimulants


Anyway why is this thread up to nearly 400 replies? Save some of the good stuff for St Essingtons Day


We are the 12th best side in 2018 at the moment.


I think Bullshit was Jack Dyer’s column called Dyer 'ere, it was full of it.


Also, this entire thread…


The guy in the front looks quite fit