The truth (about the history of Blitz)



Shelton the same guy who refuses to budge an inch on the church molesting kids. Got offended over an elephant.


Bwahahaha, that was gold.

Man, this thread is delivering. We need some more of Doe’s classic works.


Wasn’t that “I just clipped your sister” or something?


And by “cleaned up” we mean he tried to kill him, missed, the guy took a fall to get the free and red card, and then popped straight back up and the ump looked at that and didn’t recall the red card.

Annoyingly the battery in that camera ran out shortly afterwards and my Mark of The Century™ wasn’t captured. You know, that time I went all Ong Bak on my teammate.


Essendon. A Monfries, 3 votes.


I thought it was cruel to laugh at an animal in distress. Seems a long time ago now.

I did learn that the elephant was rescued. It happened in Thailand. They care about elephants there. And their king (the last one anyway; not sure about the new one).


couple more banners I found. No gold star for Heppell and a black background.


The post-match thread after beating Fark Carlton in the last round of 2016 was quality


There’s been quite a few obnoxious ‘Leon Bakers’…


The bloke who said he knew McPhee’s Dad (Ya Mum?) and good old KFC probably deserve a mention here.

KFC’s fake VFL match report surely deserves a record for some of the dumbest trolling ever.

Also, that pillock who loved Leon Baker’s blind turn - how many times did he try and come back?


Yep, same guy. His previous user name was “We need Barnard back”. Was mates with Steddy Teddy/Portable Mink.


It’s not all about you, David.


Post reported! :wink:


That is a rather distressing photo.



And then there were the arachno and trypophobics*…

*nothing to do with the US politics thread.


i do remember being around blitz a while back and seeing a massive thread dedicated to humorous/ cute elephant photos. for the longest time never knew why it existed.


… it is an elephant thread after-all.


My name’s bomber_girl but I’m actually a bloke.


■■■■ is just getting weird now.