The truth (about the history of Blitz)


And he’s lying


Yeah it’s not really weird.


I identify as awesome.


do you mean she is lying?


Congrats, what’s the pronoun for that? I don’t want to offend your precious soul…


Most people just go with jerkface.


come back @westozziebomber, it’s not the same without you. Your passion is missed


I get that.


I suppose you’ve only got two legs when you formerly had three.


When I was married I had three, but now it’s just the one.


LOL he’d need a stepladder.


Don’t make me post the you/the joke gif again.


I’m happy to forgo the public humiliation


The photo is upside down, and that’s actually not an elephant but the rare, and very dangerous, drop elephant.


Remember that time the fabulous and hilarious Heather Mills accidentally posted under their real username? Then quickly changed it? But not quickly enough?

It’s OK, I’ll never tell.


Another old thread that makes me laugh is the “My favourite ruckman to watch” thread.

Steven McKee



Your former husband had a song about that.


I had dinner with @bomber_girl on Saturday.


Was he hot? :stuck_out_tongue:


Im pansexual.
You’re all fair game.