The truth (about the history of Blitz)


Fictional people in comics don’t’ count.


So do you have the intel on what happened with President Trump?






I have something to break to you too, Stu.


Ahaha of course.


crunchy_frog1. Glad I got to swing the hammer.


Still one of my fave post game posts ever.


didn’t tezza also post about how they shat in the closet?


So does Donald Trump. Allegedly.


Nothing beats the steaming turd on the ground in the M3 ■■■■■■■■ during one of the Melbourne losses.


Tezza shat in the school cupboard. :joy:


She still doesnt let me live that down


You’re probably right, Cap, but I’ve a memory of that being claimed seriously at one time — around 2007, I think.



it wasn’t the big brotheresque monitoring of people that makes google evil.

it was their adsense demands.


Pretty sure there’s a poster called rana_crujiente, which is crunchy frog in Spanish


The biggest problem with BT was that it was owned by the club, and there were posters absolutely vilifying some of the players, which makes the club liable.

If Henno had read some of those posts…




I used to watch Gladiators too!