The Weather Thread (not allowed to talk about rain)

“Check out this stunning waterspout spotted today off the coast of Limnionas, Evia, Greece.”


I’m trying to find out if Baldwin has re-signed. Is this the right thread?


No, try the rain only thread.


The ‘ON’ button for sudden Spring season is being activated from Tuesday.

Goodbye winter… :wave:t4:

Melbourne’s monthly record of 20°C days or higher in September is 12 in 2013.

Today was already the 9th day this month that maximum was exceeded with the next two days expected to also comfortably reach that mark. That should make it 11.

By comparison we only had 5 last year (and only just) - with 21°C being the highest for the entire month.

Temperatures are again set to reach the low/mid 20s from next Sunday and for a majority of Grand Final Week.

Looks like a record on the cards. The last 4-5 days, in particular, have been absolutely superb though.

Obviously warmer in other parts of the state and further north in Sydney and across in Adelaide… some impressive readings in both.

Today is my sixth consecutive day of solar profit. Last year, despite cheaper electricity rates, that didn’t occur till December.

And that was despite me being away for 11 weeks in Sep-Nov!

(I was in profit well before that, just never on 6 consecutive days. This year, before September Equinox, and hence still in below-average sun time.)


Lovely warm sunny days on the Gold Coast. Into the 30’s this week.

We’ve had only one (1) wet day in the last 5 weeks. Basically sunny every day. Glorious :ok_hand::sunny:

It’s been great… but a little concerning we are experiencing these conditions in mid-September with plenty of warming ahead in coming months.

Increased chance of El Niño also means much drier than usual… and we know what that means.


And as things fell apart
Nobody paid much attention
Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers

Also the quote that opens American Psycho.

To be fair, everyone was too busy buying ■■■■.

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Pt Augusta registered its highest ever recorded September temperature today.
Maxed out at 38.4

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Unbelievable. Sydney in the grips of a heatwave this week. SEQ above 30c too.

Only just after Midday and Sydney has already reached 34°C - warmest day since March 16.

Melbourne has reached 27°C - warmest day since March 18.

Still a few hours of potential heating to go…

Brisbane forecast to reach 35°C on Thursday - warmest since March 17.

Impressive numbers for this early in the season.