The Weather Thread (not allowed to talk about rain)

Mirboo North residents reported a tornado.
One has a neighbour’s roof in his front yard. He had been marooned at home as live power lines are on the street outside.

8:30pm update on the VIC power outages.

Most of the grids all around us have power, ours does not. Same thing happened a few years back in the big storm outage that took us down for a couple of days, for whatever reason this pocket of Wantirna seems to be the last to be re energised.

@mods can we merge the two weather threads?

In SW Victoria it’s usually very windy between 12 and 12.

I have friends in Emerald & Gembrook- they also said it was like a tornado. Trees down everywhere and one had a tree sitting on his roof.
Take care everyone down south.


I live in Mirboo North.

I dunno what it was that came threw, be it a tornado, cyclone or whatever it will get labelled, but I do know it was one of the most frightening things Ive ever experienced.

We live on an acre with a long veiw out of the living room window. When it hit, the entire backyard just disappeared into this grey violence. My daughters (both 6) started screaming and shaking. I took them into the lounge room and huddled over them (and Woodie the Kelpie) and waited for the roof to come off or all the windows to blow in. Unbelievably, neither happened.

Weve avoided any structural damage to our house and sheds. but lost trees and limbs. The mess is everywhere. I cant believe the chickens survived.

But my family are lucky. We have friends with extensive damage and Ive seen roofs completely blown off houses and buildings crushed by trees. There are powerlines down everywhere.

For me personally, the most heartbreaking aspect of the whole thing is the horrific damage thats been inflicted on our beautiful little towns bushland. Our towns surrounding bushland is what makes this place so special. There must be thousands of trees down. Areas flattened. The bush that I walk so regularly with my dog is almost unrecognisable in parts.

We’ve been told by multiple sources therell be no power for at least a week. We’re lucky that we have a generator, so we currently have running water (we’re on tanks) a fridge/freezer, a tv and satellite internet.

Im still in a bit of shock at the violence of the storm and can not grasp how a weather event could have more aggression than what occured here.


Happy to hear you and the family came through unscathed. Next most importantly though, was the famous Doggy Mancave unharmed?


That sounds horrific.

So glad you and the family, with your dog and chickens, made it through ok and that there is no structural issues.


Yeah mate, the shed is fine. No power in there obviously, so no records or fuzz pedal sessions for a while.

Its a good opportunity to defrost the beer fridge though. It was well overdue.


Glad to hear everyone is ok @Doggatron , meanwhile the west continues to bake, it’s not daytime temps that knock me around it’s the nights that wear you down by not getting good sleep. Keeping daughter home from school today as she didn’t sleep well and looks exhausted.


So glad you and the family (Woodie too of course) are all ok- it sounds horrific. We often used to drive or ride through Mirboo North when we lived down south so I can only imagine the devastation to that beautiful area. Also glad you’ve got the generator- a must for all those on tank water. Obviously still a fair while before things return to normal down there…I have a friend in Gembrook who ended up with a tree on his roof. The weather has certainly brought all extremes so far this year to so many.


I also live in Mirboo North on the very eastern side of the main part town. I thought the windows would blow in too.
I have never witnessed anything like it.
My place is ok, the wood shed had an unscheduled disassembly and ended up in a nearby paddock, lost many small trees, but mostly ok. A house four doors down lost half of its roof.
Later that evening I tried to get to friends place across town and it was like a bomb site. The destruction near the pool and Baths rd Reserve and up the hill was devastating.
Absolutely shocking.
No water, power or Comms for 2+ days after made it a very isolating experience for our little town.
I had to leave for work in Melbourne yesterday afternoon, and thankfully it sounds like meaningful help and assistance has arrived.
Weirdest experience.
Wind… my least favourite element.


Glad to hear youre ok. It really was an unbelievable event. So many effected. Our poor bushland utterly monstered.

To go from such a wonderful day on Sunday with the Italian fest, to utter chaos and devestation by Tuesday is just mind boggling.

It made me quite proud yesterday, with all the meetings and Bbq at the park. The sense of positivity and support around town was amazing to see.

But what warmed my heart the most was seeing the generator outside the brewery lastnight. Happy to report the beers are pouring and the pints were only five dollars!


Well that was weird. Was just outside in the backyard with the cats and they both freaked out and run inside with massively bushy tails. Sudden gust of wind. Then realised as it passed over the house and hit the paddock over the read where builders have dumped their Styrofoam stuff (the blocks they use in the foundations), that it was actually a mini-tornado thingy. It was picking up all the foam blocks and spinning them around quite high into the air. Never seen that before down here (Cranbourne area).

I might also add that there was no wind before it came and no wind after it. Bizarre.


We’re getting dust devils in suburban areas now?
Didn’t have that on my climate change bingo card…

You’ll get acclimatised to it before long.

The trick I learned was to keep the aircon on as long as possible before going to bed…have your bedroom windows just slightly open to create the wind flow and by the time you go to bed, the room (and generally the house) is nice and cool.


Spare a thought for those in Carnarvon and Shark Bay
49.9 and 49.8!


Carnarvon was the second highest temp ever recorded for the month of February in Australia and the eighth highest overall. Karijini had an overnight minimum of 34.7! WA has been copping it.

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Today has been hot too.
Gascoyne Junction 48.8 currently.
Geraldton 47.7 earlier

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