The Weather Thread (not allowed to talk about rain)

Spectacular Melbourne winter day. Get out there folks.

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Balmy cloudless day in the south-west.

App said 11.3, feels like 7.7

I disagree entirely. Feels like 13. Not a breath of wind, nor a cloud in the sky.


This pattern of frosty mornings continues through to Monday next week. The change comes in early am Tuesday as it stands.

It really is incredibly pleasant for early afternoon in winter.

Honestly, don’t think there is a better kind of day than a cold and sunny winter day. Glorious.

Tokyo has an abundance of these kind of days (albeit colder), much rarer here where winter is typically so drizzly.

Lunchtime run around Prinny was mint! :ok_hand:


@barry_day , just looking ahead to possible weather Saturday week against the Demons. Looking at some of the models indicates a repeat wet weather period commencing Friday night next week, with a low pressure front bringing frontal wind changes and wet conditions throughout the weekend like we’ve just experienced. At this point is this what you’re seeing as well?

There’s “something” there on both GFS and EC, and EC-AI. Don’t look real strong though.

Can’t help but thinking it gets ridged into oblivion.


Yeah, it’s a long way out to be hanging your hat on.
There’s something there, but it’s not very strong and every chance of sliding.

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Day 2…

Melbourne minimum temperatures this morning (4/7):

City (Olympic Park) 1.3°C
Melbourne Airport 0.0°C
Avalon Airport -0.1°C
Essendon Airport -0.2°C
Point Cook -0.6°C
Scoresby -0.9°C
Coldstream -1.5°C
Watsonia -1.6°C

Probably even more interesting is that at 9am it is still only 2-3°C across most of Melbourne and still below 0°C in the northeastern suburbs.

If this fog/low cloud continues to be slow to clear… it will be a very cold day.

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You need to include Frankston for those of us down that way.

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Chilly here… but spare a thought for notorious hotspot Death Valley (and most of desert California over the next week).


Unreal :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

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Well, there is a place called Furnace Creek in Death Valley. Both of those names were named that for a reason.

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While Oly Park has struggled to get to 8 degrees, you’ve got a lovely 13C! Tropical!


So, Saturday night is looking ok weather wise… A shower or two developing around lunchtime could mean a passing shower during the game but it doesn’t look wet thankfully.

@barry_day - Is this how you see it?

Yeah, looking like a chance of a shower or two, cold too, 10C and falling on the European model.

The American model is drier

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Very windy

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chilly winds

I’ve got tickets to an outdoor fire light show and apparently they will proceed irrespective of the weather conditions. Sounds a bit ridiculous to me with the current forecast we have here for the rest of the day.