The Wrestling Thread

Hence I went with stans/nuffies.

The ones who think they’re getting Ibushi :crazy_face: … especially with the Old Man back in charge.

Do we have to replace “WWE wishes you well in your future endeavors” with “You’ve been Endeavor-ed”?

Aaaaaaaaaand NEW…

First half of MCW’s show last night was TIGHT: it was one continuous story.

Some spoilers below.

  • Women’s title match
  • As she was departing, the little ■■■■ in the next match shoulder-blocked DELTA. She almost killed him right there and then, but left.
  • Little ■■■■ vs Emman for InterCommonwealth Title was full of shenanigans, and eventually DELTA does the run-in to stop Little ■■■■.
  • She is sooooooooooooooooo over.
  • Leads to booker in to sort things out, and say we’re getting a new General Manager to stop this: DADDY’S HOME!
  • Rocky Menero is the new GM, and promises a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT (because everyone else is doing them, he points out).
  • Before he can do that, cue Brooksy’s music and he’s begging to get back in (before his latest USA trip he was being a right tosspot). Daddy says EARN IT, Brooksy leaves.
  • HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT is just the next show, but it does reveal we’re going 6 months between Buddy Murphy’s title win and first defence.
  • Before Rocky can leave, that slimy little now-hardcore Edward Dusk is out and in the absence of a competitor nominates Rocky.
  • Brooks does the save and then does the job. Some credits earned back.

All one sequence. Kudos.

Second half was not continuous.

  • Some loud Greek fans totally hijacked the Parea/TMDK match, and the crowd (mostly) jumped onto the heels’ side. Was a prolonged entertaining match.
  • Tome ‘Taiga’ Filip’s new gimmick is awful, but not awful enough to be good. Lots of back-rakes because TIGER.
  • #1 contender match was Mick Moretti vs. Tommy Knight vs. Mitch Waterman vs. Slex. Let’s just say I was ■■■■■■■■ myself about the result but thankfully the dreaded outcome did not come to pass.
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McMahon’s Mo was rightfully the lead story on This Week Tonight.

So all that time building Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy, has paid huge dividends. Fk me.

Meanwhile turning LA Knight into a jobber.

What happened with Wyatt?


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Should I stop watching Backlash after the drone intro sequence?

‘Cause surely everything else can’t match that.

I take that back: Puerto Rico crowd are going NUTS for Iyo and booing the crap out of Bianca.


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it’s amazing what a bonkers crowd can do to make a wrestling show waaaaaay better than it would otherwise seem

backlash was great

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I said… CALL A ■■■■■■■ AUDIBLE.

Yuck to the finish.

Well, the two women’s matches were epic reactions. Bad Bunny was an overbooked mess that kinda drifted around and somehow lost its audience at times (though I marked for spitting in the face of people who don’t want to be cool).

US Title match was fine, but short.

Omos was surprisingly un-awful.

They very pointedly shot around Lesnar’s bleeding.

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all crowds should count pinfalls in spanish from now on

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I watched with my daughters today. Their first time really watching a wrestling show. The youngest was so excited at times she was literally jumping around the room. Absolutely loved seeing Dom Dom get beat up and singing Seth’s song. And fair to say I think their enjoyment helped offset my jaded smarkiness. Good times.


There was a Maori fed on TV a while back. They did local-language counts with Batman-like captions. It was awesome.

One thing is for sure, US crowds are sh*t.

They don’t even compare to even a UK or Canadian crowd

Yep, send more PPV overseas. MITB in the London is going to be epic.

Imagine a Royal Rumble or MITB at Marvel would be huge.

US crowds are too busy filming the whole thing on their phones, so they get some wicked ‘likes’ on Insta & TikTok…. Than actually be part of the atmosphere.

Nobody gives a fck about your clip of Bobby Lashley entering the arena, on your shtty phone from row Z on level 3.

Put your phone away ffs

The demographic being rather different helps.

I dunno how noise moves in Wembley, but this should be pretty epic.

And that’s before they announce anyone for it.