The Wrestling Thread

Interesting, especially since they are more than a hours drive away from each other (Somerton and Ferntree Gully). The existing PCW site is the new site. My take was PCW was traditionally quite insular, but in recent years we’ve seen more of their wrestlers showing up at MCW and elsewhere.

Not sure if this was pushed ahead by Miami (admin boss at MCW) dying a month ago: Tributes flow as Aussie wrestling trailblazer Kristen ‘Miami’ Mitchell dead at 36

Is Hulk Hogan still wrestling?

Mate, Hulk stopped anything vaguely resembling wrestling after his early 80s stint in Japan.

(He’s very broken now; hasn’t been active in a ring since 2012. His last match was tagging in the UK with TNA.)

Hulk is not broken, he’s just getting mad.

Hulk Hogan Sport GIF by WWE - Find & Share on GIPHY

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geez the state of current is atrocious, you have random no names winning the mitb, like who even is this guy


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will be the next jinder mahal

just realised he didnt actually win the mitb already, thank god

sitting here wondering how no-names eventually become names

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Nowadays, not often by going to the WWE :rofl:

What oldie can we get in to squash him?

We all know the answer to that…



Wrong thread

would rather oldberg than this la knight guy

You watch much wrestling outside the dub?

Cos his work as Eli Drake in TNA was very good.


nah dont follow wrestling anymore, just wanna see shinsuke win mitb tbh

He was good in Brooklyn 99 as well … :joy: