The Wrestling Thread

Drew is about to win then preist cashes in after Punk interferes

Clash at Castle confirmed for Glasgow in June. Drew is getting the belt then.

I didnt see that coming from Gunther he was vicous lols

Make sense in his home country the crowd will go nuts

I don’t know the relevance of Seth Rollins saying that is, but OK…

No, I don’t mean the attitude era (yes I listed some but it’s not just those ones), I mean every year this has been a regular occurance of faces blindsiding heels in some form or shape and it’s clearly been successful. Literally look what happened tonight, Seth and Cody tried to blindside The Rock for revenge. Faces looking strong and outsmarting heels isn’t a new ploy. Clearly you’ve got a bee in your bonnet about faces blindsiding heels but it’s a regular occurance.

Rock is in all time form as heel, this is some of the most entertaining work he’s done, with the only downside of him is overshadowing the actual champion in Reigns.

WWE is purring along in recent months with the ratings backing that up, you have heel Rock, Reigns, Cody & Seth with Drew McIntrye in career best form. Throw in Punk in a few months. Gunther potentially has the push post Mania too along with Bronn Breaker you’d think would stat climbing that ladder.


Part of this is Reigns’ own fault though. The Rock is the GOAT so no current talent on the roster can outshine him firing on all cylinders, but Reigns dressing like a bum for so long certainly hasn’t helped his aura diminishing.

Reigns in a hoodie, trackies and runners. Then look at Rock…


LA Knight vs Styles will be the best match of Mania.

No other competitition.

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simmo41’s wrestlemania predictions

rhea d becky. doesn’t feel like there’s enough smoke to this one for a title change to be meaningful
ladder match will finally have the tag titles split. i’m gonna say jd retain for raw, and bate/dunne get for sd
lwo d santos/dom. i guess, i don’t really care
jey d jimmy
destiny’s child d damage ctrl. ain’t no way jade is losing on debut
gunther d sami. reference rhea/becky
rock/roman d cody/seth. avengers infinity war ending

drew d seth. give the man his moment
final testament d bobby/profits. this feud will keep going for some reason
knight d styles
logan d kev & randy. via sneaky shenanigans as kev and randy go at it
bayley d iyo. logical conclusion to this story, but part of me thinks they’ll drag it out longer which will make it terrible
cody d roman. avengers endgame ending, complete with rock turning on roman, leaving jonovdp in shambles

get a load of this. absolutely cackled laughing

Ricochet is a perfect example that just because you can do lots of flippy flippy moves, doesn’t make you a good wrestler.


I think Tazawa is dead

My tips
Becky over Rhea
Miz/ R Truth for tags or JD retain
lwo d santos/dom.
Jimmy beats Jay
Jade, Bianca & Naomi - lock
Rock/roman d cody/seth
Have to put bloodline rules in for the main event

LA knight - lock
Hard to pick the US Title. I think Randy.

Final two are locks. Bayley to win (coming out with Bayley Buddies maybe)
Cody just has to win. If he doesn’t then there is no logical next step for him.

Cody v Rock at Summerslam.

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The (not always successful) profanity* muting of this Hall of Fame is embarrassing.

*WWF is one of those profane words.

I will be drinking my beer from my LA stubby holder when I watch mania lol

“You shut your mouths and enjoy the ride the rock is taking you on”

That has to be one of my favourite Rock insults ever lols

He’s what you call a “spot monkey”

I appreciate the athleticism but you dont belong in the ring not a fan

One thing of note is they’ve gone to great lengths to point out that both sets of titles will be hanging above so I would expect 2 winners and a split of the titles here

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Is that 24/7 title still going or did they disband that title?

Let me Wikipedia that for you: