The Wrestling Thread

Very shoddy in ring main event with a plethora of awful strikes and low impact moves. That was expected, but I thought Jacob Fatu was supposed to be really good in ring. Other than the samoan drop he was meh.

We all know this is filler until Roman returns. Filler PPV’s when you know Cody won’t lose and they’re filling in time until Roman returns and sets up the Bloodline fued. They need to find Cody a good rival, not filler ones.

Yeah pretty boring closing match really with no surprises…

Seems to be an absolute waste of the briefcase just to add fuel to the Drew/Punk and Seth/Punk fires when they would have been just fine without it. Probably would have been a great way to get LA Knight more involved in storylines moving forward, oh well.

Seems to be more and more slow/over scripted moves lately which takes away from the spectacle a bit…and there were a lot of very awkward looking almost botches in the ladder matches - which isn’t uncommon considering the moves they try to pull off with unstable footings.

Surely the Tiffy face turn can’t be far away, crowds have been all for her for ages - and she has far more personality than the stale women recently pushed, hope she keeps the smart arsedness even when face.

WTF was that?

  • Champ fails to kick out at three.
  • Lights go up. Bell rung. But match is not finished.
  • Case wasted, no more heat on Punk/McIntyre than before.

Seems like there’s two options.

a. McIntyre’s music was supposed to break up the pin just before 3 and production completely botched/missed the cue.

b. Priest just failed to kickout due to injury/incompetence.

Either way it looked horrendous because the reff knew the finish of Priest winning (to go job to Goontah at Summerslam) so stopped counting.

I physically winced at how awkward it was.

I remember in the good old days when Vince said refs should just ping anyone stupid enough not to kick out.

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That Chelsea Green table spot was pretty sweet though, best one I’ve seen in a while.

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I thought she fell poorly – didn’t flat-back it but went bum first on one table and scraping against the other.

Looked good before that.

For regular WWE watchers, does HHH job out all of the locals? Vince wanted the heat, so always sent crowds home unhappy.

The Scottish girls winning the tag team titles in Glasgow would suggest no. At least not all the time anyway.

priest and rollins:


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also not much seems to have been made of chad gable suplexing a ladder

Meh Whyatt family will sort them out.

Womens ladder match was better then the mens better finish.

Drew cashing in and punk interfeing saw that coming a mile away.

Intresting where they go now with Seth involved in the Drew/Punk feud.

6 man tag main event was meh and predictable.

Overall it was an ok ppv.

Do think we will see the end of Judgement Day Finn will turn on Preist imo.

Ripleys pop when she returns is going to be farking massive win the title from Liv and become a baby face champ

seeing the end of the priest/rollins match coming just means it’s a solid story. twists for the sake of twists are almost always dogsht.

if you look back a few years they have either the mens or womens mitb cash in almost straight away, so it seems like tiffany will hold hers for a while

i like this ongoing thing of priest getting frustrated at not defending his title in an honourable way. adds a bit of flavour to the build to vs gunther

Really enjoyable David vs Goliath match at Heatwave with Oba Femi.

Oba continues to grow and has huge main roster potential. Good size, look, can talk, young. The midget did his job very well too. Didn’t watch the rest.

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Great finish to the NXT championship match.

banger of a theme too

Ending to Dynamite was savage as hell.

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I have no idea how Wembley will treat this match… but it will be awesome.

BuT aEW dON’t dO StoRiES!

Looks like we’ll have at least three hugely-over singles women’s matches there. Oh wait, they may have to hold something back for the stupid back-to-back PPV the next week .

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Including Mustafa Ali and AAA’s Queen of Queens champ Flammer.

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