The Wrestling Thread


@theDJR Are you seeing Okada tonight?


Fark off for reminding me. At Oils in Sydney.

When they announced it I was going nuts with joy AND swearing my head off.




Ha, they had Australian versions of Okada money rain down.

And Mr Juicy is now Bullet Club. They’ll let anyone in.


And Okada referred to a “next time” for MCW.


Lucha Underground season 4 confirmed!


AJ / Brock was so very good.



Main event was pretty awful.

Why does Shinsuke get forced to wear blue (ugh) but Cena wears green?

Why was Tamina the only woman who knew you break up a pin in a tag match (especially a 5 person tag, when someone must be available)? Looked especially stupid after Shield/New Day.


Cena has to be a Vince call, and no one was into it. Came out last Like he was the most important of all ten and did NOOOOOOOOTHING. Main event was trash.

War Games was good tho. I’m finally into Sanity.


I think John Cena does his thing pretty well, and don’t mind him. But he was completely out of place in this match.

The whole main event was built on a vibe of a lot of tension between both groups especially both teams were attacked back stage, plus the tension between team members and brand owners. It was suppose to be personal. At the start of the match everyone was staring down their opponents. While Cena was looking around at the crowd as to say “how exciting is this!”. It just didn’t fit.


Almost forgot I was going to Friday’s “International Assault” show… luckily they sent a reminder email!

Some awesome talent: Austin Aries vs Adam Brooks, Zach Sabre Jr vs Ricochet, THEY CALL HIM CAGE*, Joey Ryan, etc.

*No Melissa Santos :slightly_frowning_face: but I appreciate she’s got that “eight months pregnant” excuse…


Vince has called off Finn/Brock for Royal Rumble claiming Finn isn’t “over enough”. Well, when you book him to beat AJ and then get squashed by Kane a night later, that might happen.

Finn’s been posting pictures of him v Cena during Survivor Series, and more… he’s not happy!


50/50 booking and then wonder why no one gets over. Shocker.


There was a moment during the Survivor Series main event where Angle, HHH and Shane were in one corner. It was all the sadness of protecting people 20 years past their prime in one image. With these guys main eventing, and Orton/Cena still around beneath them, how does anyone else stand a chance.


Paige does things for me…


Even/because of the clown-level lipstick?


Her theme is dope.


New material to flood Blitz incoming…


Oh so he’s back? And he didn’t win his court case obviously. Hope he can still use the music though, I love that.


I loved Paige before the leaked video. Now… by god, I can’t put it into words…
So happy she is back.