The Wrestling Thread


Paige is done in WWE.


She’ll stay until her movie is released. Which The Rock is directing.


She’s hot but…eh.


NJPW doing their first proper international tour, in Australia! In Melbourne that means Festival Hall… how quaint.

But if you want to see their new Junior Heavyweight champion, you’ll need to go to Sydney or Perth… or to MCW the next weekend :wink:

I feel a little less bad about choosing my $400 sunk investment in Midnight Oil at the Domain over Okada at MCW in November now!


Wow that main event at TakeOver.

Wow that Royal Rumble match.

How does the same company that put on Raw 25 also do shows like these? Highest or highs. Lowest of lows.


While the men’s Rumble didn’t offend me, for the first time in some years, it was very predictable (e.g. pick the Smackdown guy in the final four) and didn’t do as well as the women’s match for iconic face-off moments (e.g. Beth vs Nia, Mickie vs Trish, Asuka vs Ember).

Nice to have the final/most recent Rumble impression of Rey NOT being booed out of the house.

Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson are still awful.


Did you miss the Ruthless Agression v Reality Era spot?

Or the NJPW-imports vs WWE corporate men spot?


Both Rumbles were great. I was thoroughly sports-entertained.

What anti-aging sht is Torrie Wilson on?

Highlight for me was the whole Heath Slater arc.


that was very very funny.

Mens rumble was very good. Havent watched WWE in a while- what is Rusev day, and is he now a babyface?

first time seeing Elias, he was very entertaining. Loved how he was walking down the ramp singing, stopped to kick Slater then kept on going.

Reigns facial expressions are still awful. Cena’s aren’t much better.

Womens rumble was pretty dull. Steph on commentary was just terrible. Torrie still looks awesome. Trish’s face looks really plastic.

The title match between Braun, Lesnar and Kane was boring, crowd was dead as well.


Beth Pheonix and Trish Stratus could come back and They’d still own the show. They’re in unbeleivable condition.

I forgot how much of a fan I was of Trish Stratus.


They gotta put the belt on Banks before WM. Asuka deserves better, unless she’s going for Charlotte.



(the bookers may disagree.)


I love Corey Graves

“Her birthday is on rusev day?!”
“Wrestlemania is on rusev day?!”


He is quite comfortably the best thing about WWE these days.

“If you’ve got a back, Sasha’s got a knife.”



Haha, TM61 got AFL guernseys made!


I struggle to see that as anything but a heel move, given the guys/gal below are the best I’ve ever seen at enraging a crowd:

Also, sash is jagged.


So great to see them back. Last two episodes of NXT with those little 5 min segments on them show they’ll get a big push now.