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BOUND FOR GLORY (no visible spoilers)

Big city (NY, NY) but definitely not a big venue. Smaller than the previous big show, and the look is very much less glamor and more super-indy.

Happy to see Willie Mack get a run in the opening tag (with Rich Swann, versus Matt Sydal and Ethan Page). Good action, crowd into it. The space between the ring and barricades is dangerously small.

I honestly have no idea if the second match went as planned: I’m guessing not. Eli Drake comes out, runs his mouth off at all those DUMMIES, and calls out a mystery challenger… and it’s Ellsworth. Clearly meant to be the babyface, but the crowd is NOT having that. HARSH but funny.

Eli finishes him off pretty quickly and complains about the level of competition. He expected “Hall of Fame” quality… which makes some hope for Y2J. Nope, Abyss. Ah well.

Blanchard © vs Valkrye for the Knockouts title is next. This gonna be fun.

Yep, much more brutal than the opening matches. Believable near-falls. A moderately incompetent ref riles the crowd. 2.999999! Yeah, I fell for that one. DUMMY.

“Only” went 11 minutes, but was fun.

Moose vs Eddie Edwards: yeah, I haven’t really been paying attention since Slammiversary, but somehow these two have done a double turn. This is not a hardcore match… and that’s important, because as soon as I write that Killler Kross enters through the crowd and gets the match thrown out. Aaaaaah damn… it’s Tommy Dreamer. And he books a hardcore tag ‘cause… ‘cause.

The early “YOU SICK FARK” chant is well justified.

This is not bad. That chop-off between Eddie and Moose was epic.

The ref looks about 12yo.

Going by the end this story is not over.

Callihan + oVe versus Cage, Pentagon, and Fenix: yowsers. This ring is literally too small for these six guys.

Fenix is doing springboard headbutts. The guy is a freak.

The minimal space available is not stopping them doing all sorts of stuff outside the ring.

Geez, Cage likes getting kicked in the head.

That was 14 minutes of non-stop action.

Old LAX (with Kingston) vs New LAX (with Konnan) is still a thing. Konnan was found beaten up backstage early in the show, which is never a bad thing in my books.

This is a “Concrete Jungle Death Match”, which starts with bare boards and no turnbuckles. One of the boards is sticking up — they try to stomp it back into place and fail.

Within seconds of the start that board entirely pops up and others start sliding and causing unpredictable holes to break your leg in. Not good.

Wood is slippery, too. Turns out mats are good things.

It makes for a fascinating visual and audio show, though: a superplex is one hell of a lot more interesting onto bare shifting boards.

Ah damn, Konnan is recovered and enters. He got a decent pop, I’ll give him that.

That was not as good as the Slammiversary match, but it damn sure wasn’t boring!

Now fix the damn ring for the main event, please.

Oh yeah, we have an off-site “match” first, as Allie goes back into “the undead realm” to rescue her friend. Don’t ask. It’s one of those Hardy things that Impact do a zillion times better than WWE. She takes a tomahawk with her… and she’s using it.

Blood spatters on the camera. This is not PG.

Su Yung is smart: she has a full-size axe.

Something closely resembling this scene occurs:

Yowsers. Poor Su Yung.


THAT WAS AWESOME. And per that ending, not finished either.

Main event is for THE title: Aries © vs Johnny [insert second name here]

That’s an intense first minute. Crowd is split.

Looks almost a shoot fight early. Not either of their normal styles.

Don’t worry, Johnny still does freaky stuff:

Even Callis (on commentary) thinks Aries is a scumbag.

This is two masters of the craft showing they can work a mix of styles (especially Johhny, having had his new wife brought into the fray by Aries over the past week).

Having their entourages ring-side that (very almost) don’t get involved just adds to the best-man-wins atmosphere.

That was an excellent main event. Aries after the finish went a bit wonky. No idea if it was an unplanned shoot, or a work, based on his record.

Apart from Eli Drake, all were matches absolutely worth watching. Eli’s promos and the crowd crapping on Ellsworth was entertaining though. Not as good as Slammiversary, but solid as, with the two singles titles matches absolutely delivering.


Wow, raw spoiler below
.roman just announced he has leukaemia( has had it for a while he said) it’s back so he has had to relinquish the belt. Poor guy


Holy sht.

Please please please don’t think I’m a cynical cnt by saying this, but his (hopefully) eventual comeback will actually get the crowd behind him. Bloke deserves that at least for the last five or so years.


Did they boo him for it?


When the crowd realised he was serious they quickly turned and started supporting him, even got a “thank you Roman” chant as he left


Que media questions about PEDs causing cancer in 5… 4… 3…


He’s very positive but returning lukeiemia is pretty grim. Good luck to him.


Hmmm. Not sure the commentary team business-as-normal bullshitting as he made his long entry to the ring (or being kept in the dark) is that classy.


Evolution was a very good show. Has got that Saudi Arabia house show covered comfortably.

WWE are so pathetically petty when it comes to getting their way: in the Becky/Charlotte pre-match package, they replaced the cheers with boos when Becky corrects Edge to say she loves (not likes) herself.

Was pointless given the crowd made their opinion clear once the two of them actually came out.

Cole doubled down by calling Balboa supporters “cult followers”.

I did boo Becky for pushing over the I-can-stand-on-my-own ladder.

LOL at ref Mike Chioda having to kick the chair to Becky. Nicely captured by the cameraman/director. He also had to be “flexible” for several near-10-counts (read the rules, Charlotte!)

But not complaining, half-an-hour of quality carnage and a blooody good MOTN. Charlotte might have a case of the Reigns, but she overcome that crowd challenge during the match.

Show went off very well overall — except for, interestingly, Storm-Io. Io got some pops for freaky stuff but otherwise they never really engaged the crowd like the rest of the night. But if those two went at it like they can (and didn’t have the shortest match of the show) the crowd would have been cooked with two hours to go…

Rhea’s sarcastic slow claps were gold, though.

And no Bellahammer, at all? Really?


Great show, start to finish


It just one of those things that looks bad after the event, but was totally innocent on their behalf. Nobody outside of a few were aware of the issue apparently - the run down sheet for the night just said “Reigns promo” to start the show - the fact they were spruiking his title defence at Crown Jewel, shows they had no idea what was about to happen.


Great show.

I’m a fan of the three hour PPV with limited matches. The only thing I was happy with was the May Young Final. That match fell flat.


Yeah, the “she’s up to her knees = standing” was rubbish after the chair spot, still a fantastic match that would’ve been worth the ticket price for the whole show alone. And best of all either Vince resisted or was talked out of, his probably inevitable urge to give Charlotte yet another title win and return Becky to the scrap heap as he loves his blondes, bonus points if they are silicone-enhanced. Ronda’s a blue chipper, but Becky seems to have a similar affinity with the fans that Bryan had and could be the breakout star of the women’s division if Vince was willing to change his vision.

Not sure what it is with Vince that he feels the need to portray anybody cheering Becky as defective in the head, probably for the same reason he couldn’t understand the Bryan love.

I really felt bad for the UK women - had a title defence announced in the original press release for the event, but despite taping the matches in July, WWE somehow never got their act together to launch the UK show with enough time to have the champion crowned before the event…hell they haven’t even started airing the tournament yet. So instead of an extra match on the main card, it just got shunted to a dark match and Steph got to insert lots of padding effectively patting herself on the back instead.


Who was Rhea against in that dark match?


TBH I enjoy women’s wrestling far more than the men. I find the matches way more entertaining.

The women’s storylines are worse. Especially on the main roster.


Shocked Becky won. Then I remembered Survivor Series is coming up and it’s champ v champ.

They’ll have Charlotte beat Ronda at mania to get title 8, so they couldn’t fight at Survivor Series. So Becky retains and will hold the L at SS.


Dakota. I presume because she was the only remaining woman of the UK brand not on the card with some recognition factor for the US fans, plus they were flying a fair chunk of the women’s NXT roster in for the show anyway.


In the full 4 minute segment, Oliver eviscerated WWE for running the show and for promoting the main event, a good 7-10 days after the Khashoggi murder, with a DX urn and the tag line “respect is out the window”.

Not sure whether it was Steph, Vince or Trips, but one of those idiots thought it’d be a great idea to launch newly produced promos for Crown Jewel to the live crowd at Evolution. Nothing screams women’s revolution more than making sure to run as many promos for a PPV where women can’t wrestle at an event celebrating women’s wrestling.


Living the gimmick. I love it.