The Wrestling Thread


In less awesome news, Daniel Bryan taps out for the first time in 7 years, but it’s definitely not a punishment for refusing to go to Saudi Arabia.


Can someone explain to me the Charlotte Flair hate and Becky Lynch love going around?

Becky kinda lost me when she started taunting that half man half woman cyborg Ufc chick on social media


How can you be a member of pun-loving Blitz but not get Becky?


Probably a bad time to come out and say I’m not a fan of puns… Well that’s not really true

Just don’t get why Charlotte is getting booed… then again I don’t get why WWE fans do half the things they do, or the WWE for that matter


Charlotte had an Undertaker-at-Wrestlemania record at PPVs right from the start. This was despite her being an awful babyface when she reached the main roster. Did well once turned and is much better rounded now, and through effort and not being stupid enough to have a Reigns “load fist move” to incite boos she’s doing fine.

But she’s not The Man. Becky is.


Fair call

I am fully expecting some 2007 like boos directed at Ronda come Survivor Series


Well… Crown Jewel was a thing.


Currently 51% of CageSideSeats gives Lesnar-Strowman a zero-star rating. Another 27% say 1 star or less. And that place is Happy Clappers Paradise.

And it definitely wasn’t the worst part of the show…


Hmmm. A perverse kind of logic??


I read HHH got injured during his match and needs surgery. Guess that’s what you get for taking blood money


The highlight for me was Shane McMahon winning the tournament without even qualifying


Yay for another boring, every 3 month appearance reign for Lesnar! Who does he gobble up at Mania with no Reigns?


Wouldn’t mind seeing Bryan v Lesnar.

Reckon they would put on a great match

Also depends if the WWE will be done punishing Bryan by the time Mania rolls around


Lesnar only has a great match if he can be bothered, and that’s not often.


Well, let’s hope AJ can pull it out of him, again.

(It’s mostly the bookers’ fault, not Lesnar’s.)


He also refuses to put in any matches over 10 minutes unless he’s feeling particularly generous.

Also clear that Lesnar gets the strap because he’ll be fighting in the UFC in March.


No, the best bit was The Miz being “injured” one minute into the final and therefore LOSING the final and making Ziggler Best In The World.

(P.S. Jericho retained his NJPW Intercontinental title this weekend.)

If you must do this damn fool thing, don’t do it this damn fool way. Have him get “injured” by McIntyre on the way to the ring, and hence Smackdown is somewhat logically allowed to make a substitute.

Also, didn’t Shane say he’d fire anyone who lost the final? Looks to me that the Miz did that…


You don’t understand why people don’t identify with someone, that has had a pretty easy ride into WWE, because of her last name and father… and has lived a privileged life and been given everything she’s ever wanted?

And you don’t understand why someone who has busted their gut through the indies all over the world, to get their chance in the WWE… and been overlooked for the last 3 years even tho she is technically the best wrestler in the Women’s division… would be relatable to the fans?

I’m not saying Charlotte Flair isn’t talented and incredibly athletic, But Charlotte should be written as the heel. Because the story that they developed to turn Becky Lynch heel was terrible. Because the way it turned out, Becky’s heel turn was completely justified because Charlotte shouldn’t have been in the title match. Plus only 18 months ago, Charlotte did the exact same attack (heel turn) on Becky Lynch.


Well I watched Crown Jewel


It is a confluence of events - Vince’s love affair with having Charlotte almost always winning the title whilst not letting others, of equivalent (or better) talent, have any real sustained run of success, Becky’s connection with the fans and back-burner treatment by WWE for years since losing the belt to Bliss and the atrocious tone-deaf booking leading up to SummerSlam and afterwards.

WWE booked a storyline where Becky was this hard-working babyface mistreated by the company, that had beaten almost everyone in the division to get a Title shot for the first time in ages - to which the logical conclusion was to have Becky win the belt. Instead Charlotte returned a few weeks out from SS, won a match and was hotshotted into the title match, with Vince deciding to give her the belt again. So when Becky turns, Vince who was expecting a heel reaction, got an overwhelming show of support for Becky instead.

Based on the storyline WWE has booked, Becky is the wronged babyface kicking the ■■■■ of a slimy “best friend”. Post-SS, Becky largely gave what was seen as truth-laden babyface promo reasoning all the ways she’d been ignored. The problem is Vince still doesn’t understand this (changing in post boos to cheers and vice versa) and seeing he loves Charlotte, he has doubled down, persisting with booking Charlotte as a horrible babyface (though as DJR has pointed out she’s always been a horrible babyface), and opting to lambaste his own paying customers by feeding lines to Cole that cheering for Becky is the equivalent of being a member of a cult.

It isn’t that dissimilar to the organic way the fans latched onto Daniel Bryan after being repeatedly shat upon by management.

Won’t watch Crown Jewel on principle, but reading the results…Jesus.

Its just like Vince to book nepotism in a country that rewards it. Worst of all it allegedly got a positive reaction.

Getting all that ■■■■-money was the worst thing to happen to WWE as it’ll reinforce in Vince’s mind at least, that he doesn’t need to change.

So we’ll continue to get rubbish like Lesnar getting the belt back, because he has spent the past 5 years booking only one person to be able to be competitive with Lesnar and now he is gone. No idea why he doesn’t see that repeatedly undercutting the likes of Joe and Braun when they’re ready to break out and get over to the next level, doesn’t hurt him long term. McIntyre’s the big hope now.

I’m already dreading Mania. Hogan’s back to glom heat, HBK is probably back for a match, Taker will wrestle, Batista was scheduled to face Trips before the injury, SuperCena will undoubtedly beat someone and Trish & Lita are in the plans as well.


Crown Jewel wasn’t a total trainwreak. The pyro was just amazing.