The Wrestling Thread


One of the best PPV’s I’ve ever seen



I thought I couldn’t love Dream more. I was wrong.


Dream is the next big thing. Do not ■■■■ it up Vince!


I think it’s fair to say they are building Flair and Rowsey for mainia after Survivor Series tonight.


I think it’s fair to say they’re bumbling around and hit gold accidentally and very likely contrarily to their actual plans… multiple times in rapid succession!


Survivor Series spoilers: the TL;DR version is watch Ali/Murphy because it’s blooody good, Rousey v Charlotte because it’s epic, and if you’re a weirdo watch Lesnar vs Bryan because it’s… something?

Crowd making their opinion extremely clear right from the start: boooo RAW, yaaaay Smackdown. Glorious Gable (or whatever they’re called) the only reason anyone likes RAW.

Which is fair enough, Gable is glorious. That ultra-slo-mo supplex on Big E was awesome.

Smackdown lead 1-0.

Alexa’s wardrobe (including the studded RAW choker) is top grade.

Main show starts: CROWD GOES APE WHEN NIA’S MUSIC HITS. Stupid face-breaker.

I’m pretty sure Nia is trolling during the opening brawl when she reacts like someone broke her face. Naomi’s kick to her face is appreciated through.

DAMN, Nia has HEAT. Commentary and Nia herself leaning right into it.

Hey, someone remembered Asuka is awesomely scary. Let her rip.

Nia is MONEY right now.

1-1. Except Vince says no, so make that 0-1.

Nakamura looks absolutely awful in blue. Especially topped by a baggy smock. Makes it very hard for me to take this match seriously. Crowd was classier than me though.

WWE does NOT stand for “THIS IS AWESOME”. Pls.

Raw 2-0, officially.

Big Show has a bad limp just walking to the ring. Drake will take him down, easily.

Crowd checks out early during The Bar vs AoP [turns out it was Enzo buying a ticket and being an idiot]. And a tasteless ending.


It gets worse. Shane is actually wrestling, and AJ sits out after 32 possible PPVs in a row. Rollins is the new leader, this being his 18th in a row.

R-Truth is da man. Um, I mean he’s the one who sets up the cheap pop for THE MAN.

Ali and Murphy went into a PPV, and spammed all the spots in the PPV, and they had to close the PPV.

Lars Sullivan is “coming soon”… but to where?

McMahons don’t wear Smackdown colours.


BULLSHIT they chant.

LOL at the slo-mo replay showing Shane leaning his head into the drop-kick. No brains left when you do that.

Miz is absolutely a face.

RAW are smashing each other, and Smackdown come in as peacemakers. Dumber than Shane, they are.

Refs too, forgetting to count out Miz and McIntyre (unlike the women’s match).


LOL, even Balor is an emotional moron.

Where are the “STROWMAN’S SLEEPING” chants? Too soon?

Hmm. Strowman most certainly did not get a pop when he finally re-entered. Or when he subsequently eliminated three in rapid succession. Good work booking yourself into failure there, WWE.

YOU CAN DO IT. Crowd extracting the urine as Shane faces Strowman, McIntyre and Lashley (who all suddenly can cope with each other).

RAW get all of the win.

Look, it’s Rowdy Rhonda Red Racoon Rousey.


End of cartoon time from the previous match, great rolling technical brawl to start the match.

Rhonda bleeding from the mouth after a nice little elbow jab while she was being held to the mat.

Rousey has got the whole “get on top of your opponent, turn away briefly to celebrate, get surprised” wrestling thing down pat.


Crowd mildly boo Rousy announcing the end.

Huh. A surprise ending NOT ruined by bad direction.

The Man should be legit worried about her Wrestlemania main event spot.

Or maybe not. The crowd go sideways from what’s happening to chant BECKY CHARLOTTE.

SOMEONE GET HER BLANKIE. Stop stop, she’s already dead.

All of the star for that match/story/crowd reaction.

5-0, nominally, but RAW just got tortured murdered death killed, and it was awesome.

And that’s not the main event? GTFO.

I mean, I know Daniel Bryan can be a massive badass, but it’s hard to believe they’ll let that ultimately be the story tonight.

Crowd says heel vs heel (and Heyman).

Is the entire match going to be Lesnar walking around the ring, and Bryan jogging around it?

Bryan bleeding seconds after first contact.

Well… that was an “interesting” first chapter for the match. Someone drop a pin.

Nice footprint on Lesnar’s cheek.

Great eye-acting by Lesnar, and the leg failing was sweet too. When he wants to/is allowed to, Lesnar can be very very good.

Crowd goes… well, I don’t know how I felt about that.




Local yobbo goes to local show and gets demonstrative towards heel champ and manager when match gets re-started after a deliberate count-out finish.


Poor Becky. Her whole storyline has been about Charlotte getting inserted into matches to steal her spotlight, manages to insert herself into a money Mania match by being awesome, then is forced to make up with Charlotte because booking said so and top it off Vince says FU Charlotte’s still wrestling Ronda at Mania…maybe we’ll be nice and add you too?

I wonder how long before WWE sues the producers of this:

Also LOL

Reasons why Vince has probably built himself a vault so he can swan dive into his money Scrooge McDuck style whilst simultaneously giving the middle finger to everyone who gave him that money.

  1. Actually books a match where the finish is someone urinating on himself.
  2. Thanks Youtube for all that coin - but pre-shows don’t matter, if you watch them you’re stupid.
  3. Thanks Fox for all that $$$ - I just made the brand you invested millions in, look like at absolute joke. Oh and just for kicks I booked my son to outlast all the actual stars of the brand. Bonus points, he booked all that with Fox executives in the building.
  4. Thanks MbS for all that money, no seriously thanks, we’re good. You’re awesome, once the heat dies down next year we’ll reinsert those Saudi Arabia is progressive and wonderful promos like the contract stipulates. But FU to all those people who cancelled all their subscriptions due to me liking money and especially FU to anybody who criticised me in the media for doing so - I’m going to book a dismemberment joke, just for you.

@theDJR - I think you can mark it down that Lars will interfere in the Braun-Corbin match at TLC, as nothing turns Vince on more than two big sweaty men in a feud together. Of course, its just like Vince to look at all the guys on the NXT roster and opt to call up Lars before anybody else.


“Miz worked face in a dark match against Daniel Bryan on Tuesday night”… and apparently got a MASSIVE pop for it.




It would be good to see how The Miz goes as a face… but it’s a guarantee he will get buried. He’s been the best genuine heel for 2 years, and has cheated every win.


Don’t reckon they need Miz to do a full turn

Just have him fued with Bryan and let the crowd decide

A triple threat match with Bryan (full heel), AJ (full face)and Miz (tweener) would be pretty good if booked properly


I just think The 1960’s version of Heel vs baby Face needs to end. It doesn’t work in 2018.

People want interesting characters. People want anti-heroes. They want unhinged characters that are going to push the boundaries. The WWE didn’t learn anything from Stone Cold Steve Austin. One of the most ‘over’ wrestlers in history, but acted like a heel.

Squeaky clean characters are not interesting. Goodie-too-shoes are not interesting.

Just let the characters develop and see what happens. In a PG rated world, you can’t actually be a real heel.


Did they really need Shane McMahon to be the last survivor before elimination again? Jesus.


If wrestling fans are saying ‘wrestler X’ needs to turn heel so they can support them. They’re actually not asking for a wrestler to turn heel… they are just bored with that character.

Wrestling fans should not be asking for Wrestlers to turn heel. Heels should be frustrating, very annoying, predictably cheating every match to win, and genuinely getting the baby-face over.

I always laugh people complain for years that Reigns needs to turn heel. He was getting the most heat from fans. Regardless of whether Vince thinks he’s a baby-face… he’s a genuine heel. Simply because he gets booed like heel. He’s been doing a fantastic job as a heel. Perfect in fact.

But people want him to officially ‘turn heel’ so they can cheer him… ridiculous.


The Mighty in WWE is no more - Nick Miller requested his release to spend more time with his family as his wife apparently just recently had a baby. Thorne will now attempt to make it as a single. The door is apparently open for Miller to return if he chooses to down the road.


Or they could set him up with Jonah Rock… then I might feel less insulted about their almost-usage of the TMDK name.


TLC spoilers:

Fark you Rousey and your weird non-raccoon eyes.


Rousey needs to stop getting into Twitter battles… she’s no good, and Becky is.


anyone see the footage of the indy wrestler who cracked his skull…my goodness.

Sad that wrestling has gone from guys having strong characters to nobody having characters and doing flips and dives that has no meaning.