The Wrestling Thread


The WWE don’t want Lesnar exposed to a one on one with Strowman.

He’ll get found out for the pissant wrestler he is.

They have been preventing this match for over 12 months.



Slow the fark down, @jonovdp


I remember Braun’s first Rumble, where he was obviously told to always stay on his feet as no one had ever knocked him down yet. No one told Bork that. Bork tried clothesline, Braun didn’t play along. Bork then tried more clotheslines with diminishing fakeness, until Braun had no choice.

In fact, watch here -


The first NXT UK Takeover was unreal for those who haven’t watched it


It was my first viewing of the nxt UK scene and I really enjoyed it. Trouble is I can’t add another hour a week of wwe viewing to fit it in. There is just too much content now.


Yeah I get that. Thing is the WWE are so good at hype videos that you can just watch the PPVs/Takeovers alone and keep up.


There is so many ppv’s that you don’t actually need to watch Raw or Smack down.


Agreed. If you can find a recap, you’re all up to date. Makes the network great value for ppv shows. Ten bucks a month is great


I just listen to recap podcasts of the shows and that’s all I need.

If there is something cool, you can watch it on the WWE YouTube.


I’m a fan of the going in raw podcast. Used to listen to Sam Roberts but he got on my nerves.


Otis is amazing, more of him please


Well, start by not watching RAW…

He’s a bit weak.

Smackdown is on (straight) fire though.


The not-so-good TMDK member will be at the MCW show on 2 February.

(Prove me wrong, please. You don’t have to be Slex, but step up.)


He has been involved with some big names already in his first week which shows what WWE must think of him, I think WWE have high hopes for him I sure do


Apparently WWE are pushing a Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins for Wrestlemania.

And the pulling Strowman from the Royal Rumble was supposedly always the plan, as they believed a Strowman vs Lesnar is a bigger draw card, than Balor vs Lesnar.


Seth v.s Lesnar at WrestleMania? Lol what a joke. Seth would have to be one of the most overrated wrestlers I have ever seen. At least it will be entertaining seeing Brock dump him on his head a bunch of times, same goes for balor


About time they did something with Andrade on the main roster, one of the best in ring going around.

That match was flames with Mysterio.


They’re approaching “Smackdown Six” territory right now… Funny what bumping up an Andrade (RIP the rest of his name) and Mustafa can do.


Now I know Rey’s not a big dude, but Andrade stepping up from the second rope to the top rope while having Rey in the powerbomb position was AMAZING.

P.S. Fark off, Joe.


I let out an audible “oh ■■■■” when they pulled that spot out.

Rumble match is going to be interesting. First time in 4 years the last 10 minutes isn’t built around Roman. Hope the Dream makes an appearance.

I wonder who Seth will eliminate last for maximum pop.