Things people didn't know that you thought was common knowledge

Talking to a co-worker yesterday who in her blissful ignorance had never heard of Dorothy & Toto and had no idea what a bunyip was.

Left turn before right
Saying thank you when someone lets you in


Merging onto freeways.

Carnts on peninsula link right lane doing 85

No idea what Dorothy and Toto is, come at me.

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It’s from a better world, where the wicked witch dies. But here we are, stuck in this one.


The afl suck.

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Who Jack Burton is!

I’ll admit I got nfi what a Bunyip is. Always thought they were made up.

They are, … but the Wompus isn’t.

Drop bears

Pfft - the Bunyip is Gawler’s local paper. Derrr.

You ready, Jack?

Jack Burton: I was born ready.

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No idea who Jack Burton is.

That people think you use apostrophes to make plurals (with 2 exceptions) and the difference between object and subject pronouns.

And that people with honours degrees at ANU don’t know what the infinitive form of a verb is.

But just between you and I, your supposed to never split infinitives or use prepositions to end sentences with.



Yes, I played that as a text-only game “back in the day”.

Give her a tab of acid.

No one puts Baby in the corner.

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no ■■■■

If you provide something for free to people, they will use it until it is of no value to them.

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Bird up