Things yer little uns say

5 year old

RE teacher: ‘God made each one of you’

Her : " No he didnt. I was made by a scientist" (She’s IVF and very inquisitive about how she got in her mums tummy)

RE teacher : “err… well he made all the rest of you”

Big back-peddle by teacher. Would have thought the response might be more like, 'well, God made the scientists, so...'

don’t think he thinks that quick after having just had a blanket statement pulled out from under him.

On another day he said ‘God made the Sun and the stars’

Now normally he would have gotten away with it, but my oldest loves astronomy. She had already asked me about the sun and stars a few weeks earlier and we looked at few books together and talked about stellar nurseries and how stars form from clouds of gas. She knows stars are suns.

She pipes up ‘The sun is a ball of gas that caught on fire, and new ones start all the time, and the old ones die, that’s why there are so many stars’.

Teachers told me they had to try and visibly contain their laughter.

So, according to your daughter, does God get credit for anything (I assume this is a 'religious instruction' class that she attends with your approval or encouragement)?


She’s five. So ‘according to her’ is just within the limits of her limited life experience, which is what this thread is about, isn’t this ‘kids say the darndest things’??.

Lets not turn this thread into a dogma debate. If you want to go deeper after my response please PM me, or, start a new thread. I don’t mind talking further about it but I don’t think this is the thread for this type of discussion

OK, I’ll shut my clam, but it’s just a question that came to mind after reflecting on the “things your little un said”. Seemed there might have been a theme going, that’s all.

Start a new thread! It’ll be fun. I’ll participate.


nah it’s all good we have a PM going swapping yarns . No issues, just didn’t want to hijack a thread as Blitz sometimes does.


Do we have a theological thread

nah it's all good we have a PM going swapping yarns . No issues, just didn't want to hijack a thread as Blitz sometimes does.

Most noble.

Do we have a theological thread

I wouldn’t mind grinding a few axes. But maybe, upon reflection, I should just chill out and keep my mouth shut. Kinda like how Jesus chilled out.


Back on topic:

3 year old: “I hate you, go away!”

Do we have a theological thread

Actually we have a whole forum on theology. Riolio is John the Baptist.


Back on topic - my bottom just sounded like an elephant


3 year old - You smell like Mr Todd! (he’s the villain fox in Peter Rabbit cartoon)


Loooong day at work spending a few hours 4WD then trudging around saturated dairy country + 500km’s round trip, got home dirty/tired/cranky & lil miss 3yo runs up “look what I found daddy”

And she starts singing the first few lines + mumbles the rest

I feel better now


Had miss 5’s Prep interview today.
“Please count has high as you can please”
“1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6” etc,… (gets to 30)
“OK stop there thanks. How high can you count?”
“um… 12 billion”

she can’t btw. no idea where that number came from.


“Dad, can you put Darth Vaders head back on…and we can’t find C3POs arm?”

Approximately 15 minutes after getting the my vintage star wars toy collection out of storage.


Im watching Sesame Street and Elmo just claimed that he got blown down the street. I’ve been giggling hysterically for the last 20 minutes while the intended audience laughs a long with dad because they are not quite sure what’s so funny.
Im going to hell.


Well, if you like a bit of the double entendre from a kids show…


“Watch the bombers jump up up to win the peppermint flag”

We’re getting there…


Just got my first: “Dadda, go 'way”.



Speaking to a cheeky 5 year old girl and her teacher…

Me: “Hey, you’re a bit of a banana, aren’t you?”
Her: “You’re the farking banana!”

Me: “…ahm…no…that’s not…ahm…”


Master Jez, 4, was talking about a girl at his nursery school. I was half listening in the kitchen.

“Daddy, I can’t finger her out.”
(Something drops from my hand) “You what?”
“I can’t finger her out.”
“You can’t… huh?!”
“I don’t understand her.”
“Ohhhh. Figure. You can’t figure her out.”


Junior PH, 6:

Dad I wish I had…you know…what do you call them…lazer eyes, so I could zap you in the nuts.


Just put together first bike for little miss same. Not as simple as it seemed.
“You’re good at opening boxes dad.”


4 yr old daughter.

“Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Look, I can read now”

Gets the newspaper and starts rapid fire turning pages.

“Blah, blah, blah, blah”

Got it in one.