Things yer little uns say


“This Carlisles Farked!!” Would have worked too …


Did it work?


Been on a bit of a road trip. Stayed at a decent resort with a heated pool (which, as all parents will attest, is a win-win).

6yo (loudly): “Daddy, you see the bubbles coming out of my butt?!?!”

Me (mortified as a dozen eyes suddenly look at me): “Ha ha let’s keep swimming…”

6yo (louder): “Soon the whole world will smell bad!”

5 seconds later

6yo (quietly): “And it does smell bad!”

Weirdly, within 5min we were the only ones left in the pool. I am blaming that on it being dinner time.


I think it’s really cute the way you have attributed a conversation your wife had with you as one you had with your 6 year old. Very cute. :sunglasses:


DonMania’s daughter, being half-Indian and half-Spanish, would be subject to some exotic and highly spiced cuisines…not that surprised that her horse and carts pong pretty bad.


Easy there 'boot :slight_smile:


My 1-year-old was playing with my phone and babbling into Siri. After a string of, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that”s I heard Siri say, “I don’t think that’s very nice.” I grabbed the phone to look and Siri had thought my boy had babbled, “Fark off”. I’m still laughing.


Don’t DJ thread and parent folks.


CB jnr giving my birthday speech:
You’re the best dad I’ve ever had…

Thanks son, so, um…


Miss 5 in the study picks up an old soccer trophy of mine. “I won this when I was 3” she proclaims. “Really?” I enquire. “Yes I won it for being a really good kick. But don’t worry dady you won one too, I keep that one in my room so I can remember you just in case you die”


“Sometimes you talk like you think you were wrong to born (sic) me” 6yo

I think my mrs’ and my laughs didn’t quite convey how wrong my daughter was to say that and how much we love her :slight_smile:


Miss 2 has taken to asking mummy for breastfast. I can’t help but giggle even though I know miss 2 means a bowl of cereal.


Your kids sound wonderful. Love their funny sayings.


Mum to our 4yo: ‘So would you like some tacos soon?’
4yo: ‘No mummy. I would like some tacos, now.’


Sums up how everyone feels tbh


For a while in our house “taco” became code word for poo.

Much hilarity was had by the kids.

“Mums doing tacos tonight!”


6yo lets one go in his room:
“That was a real fart. I should have done it mum’s room”. Made my night


While Mum was out today I hid from the kids and when they came looking for me and I jumped out and scared the ■■■■ out of Ms 10.

Shortly after Mum came home Ms 10 comes up to me.

Ms 10: Hey Dad, have you told Mum about jumping out and scaring me yet.
Me: No not yet. Why?
Ms 10: I just like being the centre of conversation.

Self-esteem is not an issue with this one.


Mum also successfully brainwashed Ms 10 into being a Tigers supporter, so I got to gleefully inform her today that not only did Essendon’s AFL & VFL teams both won, but both Richmond’s AFL & VFL teams both lost this weekend.


Not my little un, but I do like that I work in a place where I can be asked,
“Do you have a helicopter?”