Things yer little uns say




How many nuggs you get out of him?


Wow, and I thought my brother actually getting his mouth washed out with soap was harsh.


Reminds me: I killed a bird with a blunt arrow when I was about the same age. The arrow actually just hit the bird and bounced off, but it fell dead with shock. I never expected to hit the thing let alone kill it. I felt so bad that I wrote a letter to the bird and buried it under a tree.


You know how long I had nightmares from my Dad showing me how pulling the tendon in the pigeon’s leg made its talons claw in and out like a puppet?


Man, that’s rough.


I remember my grandma cutting a bird’s head off over the kitchen sink that had crashed into our window to put it out of its misery. Your story reminded me of this and I still feel queasy about it after all this time.


Lol. I used to chase my sister around the house doing that with chicken legs!


Master 6 saw a photo of a woman wearing a niqab and asked if she was part of a special ninja squad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


P Dutton approves


Did it run around for a while headless? Mate of mine with a farm demonstrated the Headless Chicken thing by chopping it’s head off and timing how long it ran around sans head; cruel but strangely captivating.


^^^ Did it last longer than Barnaby Joyce?


I don’t know where he’s got it from, but 4yo followed up the taco line I posted earlier, with this last night.

Mum: Mr.4, would you like a little bit of ice-cream?
Mr.4: No thanks mummy… I would like a lot of ice-cream.


“Soft world” aka get all the farking linen out world


A linen take on the traditional “blanket fort”


Dad, when you’re in the nursing home can I change your nappy like the nurse does for grandpa.

Not a pleasant possibility


Heff6 watched “The Empire Strikes back” for the first time. The look on his face when he discovers who Luke’s dad is was PRICELESS. Bless.


Earlier today.

My 3 year old son: Can you put some Rock’n Roll music on?

Me: The Ramones?

My son: yeah, the Ramones please.

Parenting done right. :metal::metal:


Junior is learning the 5 senses at school and came home with these answers (in bold) on his school work

What do you like to see? mum because she is beautiful
What do you like to smell? mum, she smells nice
What smells bad? poo
What do you like to touch? mum
What do you like to taste? hotdogs
What do you like to hear? despacito

At least he made one parent happy…


Tucking my son in to bed last night and got this:

Daddy?! I love you lots & lots. (Straight face)

Thanks son, I love you too.


Yes Son?

I love mummy just that little bit more. (Grinning)

Both hilarious & soul destroying at the same time.