Things yer little uns say


That’s really touching, man.
What a wonderful thing to tell her when she grows up.


Ms 7 the other week said the something was crap.

Ms 10 made such a big deal out of her saying crap, that Miss 7 just started chanting crap.

Ms 10: I can’t believe she is saying crap, that is really rude.
Me: Well you’ve been known to drop the F-Bomb into conversation fairly regularly recently which is worse than saying crap.
Ms 10: Really, ■■■■ is a worse swear word the crap!!
Me: Yes most people would think so.

Blew her mind.


Miss 5 in the back of the car reacting to some obnoxious driving by the car in front of me. “He’s a real C word”…

… Turns out she thought the C word was idiot.


She’s reclaiming it. Good on her.


Mr 16 months has taken to literally drinking his own bathwater.


apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it seems.


Sure it’s not @Crazy_Bomber ‘s


Surely HAP throws in some wings?


I was on grandfather duty today at my daughters house, as miss 7 has a day off school for “concert night” tonight, which by the way there were no tickets for grandparents, limited to two tickets per student.

Anyway miss 7 was supposed to clean up her room, and she didn’t and as I have neither the authority or inclination to get between mother and child, I just let it happen. Mother comes home and tell miss 7 that if she doesn’t clean up her room now, all her things will be put in gaarbage bags and given away.

Miss 7 looks and me and give a look that I have seen on her mothers face when she was small, and she grabs the garbage bags and stuffs many thing from her room into them and give them to her mother telling her to give them away. Mother had no-where to go and bluff was called. I am the bad guy for some reason.


Miss 7 changing her new baby brother’S nappy the other day:

“Oh no…he’s got poo on his tentacles!!”


Miss 5 wanted me to help her draw a bird but I was on the toilet.

I said I would help when I finished, she runs off down the hallway to Mum saying “You take too long to poo!”

Good I don’t hav any freakin idea how to draw a bird that would meet with her approval.

Miss 7 just joined in with “Get off the toilet you have been on their too long…it feels like you have been on there all day”.

Wonder when they will work out it takes me a normal amount of time to poo… but I hav 5 kids and they tend to leave me alone the most when I’m on the loo!!

And now I’m off the toilet it all becomes apparent. Miss 7 sees me and they first thing she says is “Can you make me a sandwich for a snack?”


Mr 2 for the past 3-4 days has pretty much been living off Rice Bubbles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so much so that instead of asking for food the last day or so he has taken to asking for “puff-puffs”

Gets to breakfast this morning. I ask him what he wants for breakfast and he says “puff-puffs” but then completely loses his ■■■■ when I reach for the rice puffs.

In the end I work out that despite asking for puff-puffs he actually wanted toast.

This is why I hide in the toilet!!


What I’ve learned from this thread.

Kids are funny

Don’t have 5 of them.


It’s hard work, but having 5 of them increases your chances of having at least one of them willing to look after you in your old age.

On the other hand having five of them might also increase your chances of dying prematurely.


Mr 2 bedtime toys to snuggle with tonight are a Nerf gun and a Happy Meal Minion toy.


Have you played her that Jack Dyer call of one of Salmon’s marks?


Or at least having one you like.


Both myself and Bugman5 are one of 5 kids. I like being from a big family but yeah, 2 is enough for me. I regularly tell my parents they were crazy (there’s 7.5 years between the oldest and youngest)


One of 6 here…7 confinements…5th never came home from hospital. After my mum died, we found that she was not keen to have any more after that, but 2 more girls.

15 years between oldest and youngest and a miscarriage to finish things off 3 years later.

Bit of Vatican roulette in action.


Maybe this should go in a new thread entitled “Things Siri thought yer little uns said”, but I got my phone back before from Mr 6 after he was playing around with the function, scrolled up and found these beauties on there: