Things yer little uns say





‘Do we have chopped bacon?’
goes to freezer to check
‘How much do we have?’
awkward pause…goes back to freezer


Who puts bacon in the freezer, cooked or fresh?


Just for pizzas.
We don’t have them often.


Always have emergency bacon in the freezer.


Miss 2 " daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy"

“Yes miss 2”

“Not you, I’m talking to mummy”




Miss 9
“Dad I worked it out and since I’ve been born you and mum have spent somewhere between $27,000 and $30,000 on coffee”

Who thinks of that ■■■■!
I did the calcs and she’s correct.
Worth every cent I reckon


I hope you’re talking about the kid and not the coffee.


Likewise, … It’d be scary to work out what an extra 30k off a Mortgage would save in compound interest.

Also, that would buy about 30 really good coffee machines. just one of which might have saved 6 or 7 thousand non recyclable cups from landfill.


The old tale.
‘Did you know that with the money you’ve spent on smoking and drinking you could have bought a Porsche?’
‘Do you drink or smoke?’
‘Certainly not!’
‘Then where’s your ■■■■■■■ Porsche?’


Ha ha the coffee for sure!
I wish a 9 year old only cost me $30k!
I’d hate to do the calcs on that one :grimacing:


I was talking to my kids about saving money last year. I said that saving some money now would help them start to understand managing money and that it would be really helpful for them when they were grown up as they would need money for travelling, house deposits, weddings, etc. I then joked “you may even have kids of your own some day, and God! You’ll need money then, because you lot are expensive to look after!” Little miss Furious (then about 7yo) replied “well, you could always sell us if you need some money, I suppose. But make sure you get a good deal.”

Very tempting, but I didn’t.


Driving home from school after picking the kids up, stopped at the traffic lights and saw this in the gutter.

Me (under my breath): “Please don’t notice it, please don’t notice it…”
Little Miss Furious: “Hey Dad, that looks a giant willy!”


Haha. Did you say, “not really, just looks kinda small to me”


I turned up the radio and thankfully the light turned green so we could get the hell outta there.


And you stopped to take a pic! Legend.


The kids were talking to each other in the back seat and I took the pic quickly hoping they wouldn’t notice (the pic was totally worth it judging by the reaction I’ve had when I’ve shown the pic to my mates).

I almost got away with it…


My 3 year old son trash talked me tonight. It’s came from absolutely nowhere.

“Your a baby! Your Mum drops you off and picks you up from work!”

Me: :open_mouth::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

He has a bright future in the Australian Test slips-cordon.