This old house


Destroy the old laundry time, without ■■■■■ face :grinning:

This needs fixing chipboard down for flooring from old renovation


You keep on telling yourself coz what @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS said is true

‘She’s not worthy’

I didn’t like her either :wink:


Loving it mate. Keep it coming. Home stretch now.

Edit- Didn’t want to say anything earlier, but none of us really liked her!! :grinning:


At his point went back to thing I loved trying to find a new high, old BMX and restoring some old pinball legs with oxalic acid.


Went back to the house, put a new path in the side kept the arbitrate @miss_ellie

Lime kaffir and lemon tree doing well


Fixed al the mortar on the bluestone foundations

The stump from the back yard


Looks great, so glad you kept it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I always loved it


Great to see a lot of pride in this thread.

Dumped you by text? That speaks volumes.


You’re doing some great work here. Love following the progress and admiring your skill.
Where do you get your energy?
Love the rose. Agree with miss ellie about the old roses!


i have about 8 old rose bushs and as people have said the perfume when in flower is intoxicating. they are somewhere between 60=70 years old. the house has been here for 130 years


Actually have some updates to add, been busy with work.


We have four that were here when we moved in 40 years ago. Apparently they where there well before that - talking twenty years+
They are terrific when in full bloom with their rich colour and perfume.
Easy to look after.


So impressive ASB, things you say need some work are at the level where I would say “Good to see that’s done”.


Thats right I was destroying stuff

I have a cellar

so old chip board floor had to go

Infiltrate destroy rebuild

Something living here


Lath and plaster, so messy but wow so much work to do this.

Feature wall

No expense on timber in the roof back then

Boards have to go

Old Hot water catchment to accelerate water pressure, hot water was originally pumped to the roof, catchment overflow had a pipe to the roof

I knew the original door way was there :wink:

Apparently newspaper was used as a filler in the 1960’s

Nearly all stripped


Old gas pipe fittings still intact

All the wood stripped


So getting comfortable and back into it

Awesome album

Most are from KingGizzard

Floorboards done with up cycled ones

Time to get whole hearted!


the look through from the hallway was blocked by the pantry fridge so time to demolish,

More floor boards photos


Anyone care to tell what there along the green line