This old house


Are you reaaly asking?

Hard to say from that photo, but the first thing that came to mind was Wet Area platerboard. Colour looks a a dead ringer for it.

(I take it you mean the 300 wide bit around a metre up the wall)


But what I realaly wanted to say was can get that Guitar into a stand??

Seeing a Guitar stiing against a wall like that makes me sweat.


Thanks for the reminder need to buy a Guitar stand!


So this is directly under where the butler pantry will be which is accessed from stairs leading down to the garage.

So cleaning it out hopefully to make the beer cellar and run kegs up to a tap into the pantry or just be bulk food storage…or why not both!??

Sanded the old rough sawn walls and patched up the bluestone foundations


Ripped up all the cork tiles and the 7461 nails in the kitchen,



The old sink hole before the original kitchen extension

Extended section

Ann all up in jigsaw size pieces


Door Architraves stripped, sanded and coated;

Time for the Kitchen mantle piece

Original delivery docket from 1904

First coat

Autumn Roses!

Gleditsia triacanthos sunburst doing it’s autumn thing

And final coat on the mantlepiece


Will you be keeping the 1904 docket ?

Could look nice hanging up somewhere.


It’s actually written on the back of the mantlepiece, so yeah will keep it in my back pocket lol

Just found the irony that they used a whole tree to write the delivery on, maybe it’s just my sense of humour.


So the grand plan is this,
Kitchen is a door on the right side of the fireplace that is the walkthrough laundry

Butler Pantry


Looks great


Thank you the wall to the right of the island bench will be removed so will give a free roaming aspect to the decking, its quite a big room so the island bench will be around 4 metres.

The door behind the island bench is the butler kitchen/pantry.


The pantry is bigger than our kitchen !!

All looks fantastic, but I will not show Mrs Fox as she will want one.



The rebuild is finally starting, so everything moved from the Pantry/Laundry area back into the main kitchen. The plan is to get this section finished so I will have a semi functioning kitchen throughout the build, bit like Essendon! lol

Walls have all been squared off

A new wall to divide laundry/pantry

Architraves and mantle piece all done


20 metres of New old Oregon skirting boards as most of the original ones were removed on the last renovation and will have more wall to cover.


Ceiling now all squared off and Man hole moved as access would be a bit tricky with high cabinets below it.

Looking into Pantry

and looking into Laundry

Doorway removed from hallway(main) access to kitchen, this will now become the doorway to walk in pantry.

This is where the doorway was removed from, the wall will be removed all the way to doorway in the photo. This will open the kitchen to the backend of the hall. Plus will open it to the door, to the decking which is out of photo to the right. With the door open to the right, it will give a nice flow through entertaining from the kitchen to the deck ( I hope :wink: )


Plumbing started

Pantry sink

Laundry sink

Water for new fangled fridge with water and ice dispenser

Juno! Off for an operation tomorrow to have a lump removed(Just a wart that has enlarged but on the head so could cause ulceration)

and teeth problems


Getting the spagehitti in;


And now to get plastered :laughing:

Insulated the walls with wool batts


How was the hangover? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

p.s. Great job, dude.


Ah had the pros come in to do the plastering, so I can get plastered and just admire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Most of the build will be done by the pro’s from here on in. I have a good team on the the job and happy to do that. Will cost more but it’s nice to come home from work and see a lot done.