This week in history


So, can you pick the players?


Young David Shaw number 5 and ex President top right.

Alessandro Kookaburra Epis in the middle.


Ken Fraser, idk, Hugh Mitchell, Barry Davis, Alec Epis, Ted Fordham (?), Bluey Shelton (?), idk, idk, What’s his number what’s his name Number 7 Charlie Payne, idk, David Shaw

Front row.

Barry Capuano, Don McKenzie, idk, John Birt, Kevin ‘Midnight’ Egan, idk


Ken Fraser, Greg Brown (maybe), ?, Barry Davis, Alec Epis, Daryl Gerlach, ?, ?, ? ?, Graeme Johnston, David Shaw

Barry Capuano, Don McKenzie, ?, John Birt, Kevin Egan, Russell Blew (maybe)


I’m going to go for Geoff Gosper in the back row 3rd from the left. And Barry Davis next to him 4th from the left.


Pretty sure that’s Hughie Mitchell, not Geoff Gosper.

That moustache is a giveaway.

But Gosper could well be one of the bald smaller guys.


You may well be right, but I was going by his facial features and general way of holding himself. I just looked at the picture and Geoff Gosper immediately came to mind.


Another possibility for the guy on the end of the front row next to Kevin Egan is Graeme Leydin. I could imagine Leydin looking like that 55-odd years on but he would be in exalted company for a 36-gamer if it is him.

I’m feeling more confident about the one next to Fraser being Greg Brown and I think Noonan is right about Hugh Mitchell, although he hasn’t had dyed hair the last few times I’ve seen him.


I had an idea I’d heard Greg Brown was seriously ill…a couple of years ago, so I discounted him.

Graeme Leydin was VERY early 60s. Graeme Johnstone was certainly #16 in 1962, and possibly earlier. Little surprised he isn’t here because he was around the club for a long time into the Sheedy years.


Greg Brown is up and about. I saw a photo of him recently and I think it is him in this photo.

Graeme Leydin returned to the club in 1964 after a couple of years elsewhere. He played a couple of games that year and then left again. Don McKenzie first played for the seniors in 1960 so there is plenty of overlap with Leydin.

Graeme Johnston debuted in 1962 and was lucky enough to play in a premiership side in his first year. I think it is him next to Shaw,


Don Gross may well be the little guy fourth from the right in the back row. He’s on the past players’ committee.

As is Graeme Leydin.


Pretty sure that is Bluey Shelton middle of the back row.

And reasonably confident on it being Ted Fordham, the bald guy to his right…just based on relative heights.


I haven’t seen Donny Gross for a million years, but in his playing days he was, erm, not exactly sylph-like. More a barrel with legs.


Yes, it could be Bluey but I am fairly confident that it is Daryl Gerlach next to him, not Fordham. And I agree with you about Don Gross.


team photo of the 1965 premiership side from EFC site, if interested


Gerlach and Fordham did not look at all dissimilar in 1965…depends on which one is bald now.


I’ll grant you that. I’m less confident now.


Here is Daryl Gerlach in 1968. His chin and slightly crooked smile look similar to those of the guy in the photo.



That’s a very high sash.


I’d need to see him steaming out of the back pocket, and have the ball bounce 30 yards back the other way. @jodi and I used to call him Rubber Guts. Still a very good player though.

As a trivia question, what number did he wear in the 1965 granny? The Sun published numbers, on which the league had copyright, so a number of players wore different numbers.

e.g. David Shaw wore 4 instead of 5. Charlie Payne wore 8 instead of 7.