This week in history


I certainly recall the “rubber chest” nickname. But he was a very good player. We had a succession of good back pockets leading up to his time. Greg Sewell, who was a little before my recollection, but reputedly a very good player, David Shaw, and then Gerlach. 2 club presidents out of that group as well.
As for the 1965 nos., your recall of detail is far superior to mine I’m afraid.


I was going to say I couldn’t remember all of them, particularly Geoff Pryor, but on thinking about it, I think he wore #21 instead of #35. He wore #31 after returning from Canberra, but since Hugh Mitchell was #31 in 1965, it must have been #35. I think Bruce Waite had #27 instead of #9 and Kevin Egan had a different number too, I believe.

Come on, man, it’s only 53-54 years ago.


He wore 2 but I don’t claim any special genius in knowing it - it is available in Wikipedia.

B: 2 Darryl Gerlach 18 Greg Brown 8 Charlie Payne
HB: 32 Barry Davis 10 Ian Shelton 21 Geoff Pryor
C: 28 Alec Epis 1 Jack Clarke 14 Russell Blew
HF: 16 Graeme Johnston 23 Ken Fraser © 6 Geoff Gosper
F: 34 Brian Sampson 20 Ted Fordham 4 David Shaw
Foll: 24 Don McKenzie 31 Hugh Mitchell 11 John Birt
Res: 27 Bruce Waite 43 Kevin Egan
Coach: John Coleman


So, Fremantle this week.

Probably the most historically boring club except for one stand out, and another good one.

All I can recall is losing to them over there and struggling to overcome them or lose at Waverley or Docklands.

The third most notable thing is Hird’s injury.

Second was the 2012 win which was really quite good, Melksham played well and Hurley kicked 4 or 5.

Then there’s 2013. I’ve never felt so downtrodden and angry before a game because of all the bullshit but was sort of buoyed by our 150 point flogging of Melbourne. Then we came out and couldn’t buy a goal and it just sucked.

Then slowly we got back in it, Tim Watson barracked from the sidelines, we got in front and somehow they didn’t kick a goal to get in front. One of the best wins ever.


Dicking them by a point at the G in one of their early seasons when they wheel’d out and fired a cannon that made everyone ■■■■ their pants


what some Blitzers would give for that cannon