Thoughts for a fellow Bomber Supporter with Lymphoma

I know this fellow is a member here and will keep his privacy clear as I can, but working in my current job he kept me level with the whole saga deal ( He loves Essendon), he then went back to the mainland last year which upset me a bit as I loved our Essendon talks, man this guy was so passionate, grew up around Windy Hill and the stories of 84 85.

He came back to Tassie I would call him about work and 45 minutes later we were still talking about the Bombers, he had this cough that just got worse and worse ( non smoker as well). He kept saying the doctors are saying its a virus.One day he slept through his shift so I rang him and he was so apologetic and coughing none stop, I just said mate get some rest or go back to the doctor we will cover it.

So since then quote

Just out of the hospital now but have to go to some other joint for a lung function test at 14.20.

I’m slightly ■■■■■■ off 'cause they told me that they’ve been misdiagnosing that cough of mine for 22 weeks and that the Lymphoma is right now probably at stage three or four. Four being the highest.

I reckon they took 8 vials of blood out of me at Pathology just now the vampire bastards. And I’ve signed my beard away with Chemotherapy likely starting as early as mid next week. Ya gotta agree to Chemo.

_I’m still to do a PET test (d’■■■■■ that) in Hobart sometime? I’m back here in Launceston next Monday for a Cardiac Gated Scan and then straight into a den of iniquity to have bone marrow removed from my hip for analysis. _

_Once they’re happy with those tests, it appears the Chemotherapy process can begin. _

I’m hoping my big heart and lanolin soft hands will pull me through.

Thanks for your concerns and well wishes Andrew. Give my regards to all the lads and feel free to pass on all this info.


Just wanted to share to you guys as this man is a passionate supporter and a few of you might know him and all the ■■■■ we have been through I want him to see a Premiership


Sincerely hope he will make it.

But as someone who knows something about the subject, my advice is PLEASE tell him to go to Peter Mac in Melbourne. They are the best cancer hospital in Australia and are best at dealing with cancers especially rare ones.

You said he had “lymphoma” but there are many types.

He would want to get not just the best treatment - but the best and latest. Other hospitals around the country follow what the currently accepted recommendations are, but may not be at the cutting edge.


Thank you and I hope he reads this, he was one of Windy Hill warriors of 84 that stayed at the ground, I texted him to say I have posted this.

■■■■ of a thing. The treatment’s a ■■■■■■■ of a thing to go through.

Different types of lymphoma can have different treatments. So he would want to get the best one that was matched to his tumour, not some “generic” chemotherapy. Many of the latest treatments don’t knock you around like those in the olden days did.

There has been a new “wonder drug” just going through final clinical trials. Developed in MEL at WEHI and tested at Peter Mac. If he has the lymphoma type that drug was designed for, he should get that treatment.

Hey bomber friend. We’re here for you if and when you need to chat.

We’re family after all.

Can only echo Alberts thoughts… go to Peter Mac if you can. If you can’t… and you would like to… we’re here to help.

Thanks @AnnStBomber for sharing.


Yeah he his a bit of a quiet one doesn’t want to disturb the force, but I felt it needed to be shared, he grew up around Windy Hill and a fantastic fellow and loved from everyone I know, heart of gold type of person…

PET scan is positron emission something.

Basically a fancy megapowered CT scan, makes a 3D map of the cancer/s.

About four times as much lead in the walls, so you know it’s good!!

T is for tomography.

Pity we don’t spend more time on the human body and more money looking for planets.

Not sure that’s a fair comment. Zillions of dollars are spent on it. New diagnostics. New imaging techniques (PET scans weren’t widespread 5 years ago for eg). New drugs. Surgical improvements. Etc etc.

And the outcomes are improving.

Pity this country doesn’t:
a) spend more money on medical research, in which we have historically done better on a per capita basis than most if not all other countries;
b) direct more of those scarce funds into innovative research that will make a difference instead of to more “me-too” work; and
c) fix the corrupt system for allocating those scarce $.


If it’s any help - my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Xmas before last, went through 8 months of treatment at Monash and is now clean as a whistle. It definitely can be beat. Really hope you get similar results.


Yeah I opened a can of worms there, The Q clock reset will set that all back, Trump will be a hero :wink:

Edit: will move to the conspiracy thread

Peter Macs is a great hospital and with great staff in doctors and nurses. i can recommend them as have spent a fair time there. there is a new immunatherapy specifaclly the lympnomas they are trialling now

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sounds terrible :frowning: . wishing all the best for your friend. i hope he sees a flag as well.

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My cousin died of Lymphoma. It’s a horrible illness.

Is there a gofundme?

Please make some enquiries and contact Peter Mac. There is a new trial going on at Peter Mac. A friend of mine has Non Hodkinson’s Lymphoma she got into that trial and is on this new drug. She is much improved and her quality of life much better. Its worth finding out about it. Stay positive and the very best of luck to you.

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Hoping things go well for your friend - medical advances have come a long way with these illnesses so :crossed_fingers:that some good luck comes his way as well.
(Also have a friend - Bomber supporter- in Peter Mac with lymphoma. Still trying to pinpoint exact type & best treatment options. I am also a long term survivor of a tricky bone marrow transplant so have been very lucky.)
Thoughts & best wishes to your friend.


Thank you for your thoughts, I too am a survivor. Takes one to know one.

When I next speak to her or see her, I will find out the name of the drug and post it.

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