Thoughts on Pre-season?

So we have some really really positive training reports… a solid if not spectacular outing against the Dogs and a pretty ordinary game against the Saints to look at.

Overall the things I like:

  • Caldwell seems healthy
  • Midfield mostly healthy and have trained together
  • Our backline looks cohesive and our marking options good
  • Overall a pretty solid run injury wise and most boys fit
  • We put sustained pressure for long periods in both ‘formal’ outings
  • Boys look confident and hungry
  • We signed a couple of good youngsters and our list looks very solid overall

The things I didn’t like so much:

  • Our forwardline, forward structures and general forward play
  • Stringer injury
  • Drapers form (went a little under the radar but looked well off it in both games)
  • Still giving time to guys like Smith and playing Ham before Hobbs
  • Having to wait sooooo long for the season to start.
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I think we should sack all of the training watchers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely there has been at least one training session this week

Was there training today?

After all the training the reports both practice games been underwhelming compared to other teams who are in a similar boat to us

I know Carlton are trying to impress Voss but even them looked better than what we produced

I’m hoping it was just pre season rust

Melbourne weren’t arsed for 3 quarters, then when they decided to play they nearly reeled in a 7-goal deficit in just over a quarter. FC are still ■■■■, make no mistake. Our pre-season hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been a lot better than other clubs. I’m confident we will be ready for Geelong Saturday week. We will have close to a full-strength line-up. No excuses.


The thing with Melbourne is they are the champs and they know they will come good towards the pointy end of the season so they can have the luxury of not really giving a fck.

I hope you are right tho

I’m sure Dees supporters weren’t feeling great heading into Round 1 last season when the Dogs spanked them in a pre-season game. Things turned out OK for them. Not saying we will replicate their success in 2022, but in reality a 10-point loss in a meaningless game shouldn’t be read into too much.


Biggest positive;
No one was sent off for an operation after trying all preseason to “manage” their condition.


You right.

idk after the great training reports over the summer saying how really good we looked I was a little underwhelmed on what we produced during the practice games

Part of me thinks I should not worry about the lack of structure going forward/ midfield defensiveness evidenced in the practice matches as it is just preseason. The other part of me says weve been telling ourselves that for the past decade.

Ill give it a 6/10. Minimal injuries, consolidation of last years drive, good drafting are the main plussess at this point.

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Yes, would should have a pre-season. Ideally it should be before the season.

Watching the saints game live I saw first hand how much more we need to improve our forward movement….to constantly bomb the ball instead of lowering their eyes…also the stagnant movement was an issue too. Also allowing the ball to get behind them was a problem that needs sorting out asap

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Was hoping Dale Tapping was going to fix our forward structures but to me it seems nothing has really changed

More than likely they are holding back their strategy until the real deal…lets hope so🤞

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You were impressed by Hobbs though right?

I prefer pre season to the actual season.


Hobbs going to be alright


  • Hobbs, Tex & Martin. These guys need to be fast tracked into senior side.
  • Very few injured players leading into round 1
  • Good competition for a spot in the best 22
  • It’s not the real stuff


  • Outside of Drapes, Stringer and Shiel, there doesn’t seem to be exceptional
    physical statements made by the playing group.
  • Draper’s form/ kicking not flash.
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We’re farked. There’s my thoughts!