Three Carltons and one Bolton farked in 49 hours 🎉 - AFL review thread (2019 round 11)

With some lock-in best 22 being out it’s an interesting situation. Agree- you can see how the future list is taking shape.

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You mean stating a fact?

Big win. Quality opponent. Lots of learnings.

And Worsfold lives to fight another day.

A great platform for the second half of the season.


I should stay out of the country for the rest of the season.


I’m just happy Essendon actually played some very good football to win it, not just show up and suck less than Carlton and do just enough.

And we found something with Clarke, clearly.


All in all very happy with that. Felt we controlled the game for all 4 qtrs.

Defence held up really well too.

If Lav had kicked straight he could of had 5

For Clarke to dominate Cripps in only his 2nd game was just top notch. Good to see us use a tagger, went a long way to winning the game

Carlton are such garbage, never seen so many jobbers in all my life. How the hell is fasolo still playing AFL footy?


I get the feeling you’re disappointed in the win.


Reckon Begley has played himself back to the VFL after today, especially with a couple to return.


Great win - just what we needed. Clarke was fantastic - very happy for him. Heppell played a great game - many others did important things along the way. So nice to finish the weekend with a winning feeling.


Was really worried we’d find a way to stuff it up going in to the last qtr. Glad we won well.


Liverpool Champions League

Essendon **** Carlton 3x in a little over 24 hours.


Looks like Hawks will be missing Wingard and that ■■■■ defender through suspension, for the Essendon game. forgot name…

I can’t believe we beat those Fark Carlton fuckets in the wet.


Yeah he’s hardly fired a shot since coming in.

If Raz is fit straight back in. If not Moz debut.

Blitz all year: play Parish in the guts! How about tagging the opposition’s best mid once in a while? Clarke is killing it in the 2s, why not give him a game?!
Club: learnings are important, stick to structures, execution’s not quite there, waffle waffle let’s give Myers 80% midfield time again, focus on our game style, blah blah, I’m a little teapot, have the club Twitter intern hit copy-paste on the standard post-loss “that one hurts” tweet again

[two months and a series of pathetic losses later, with finals long gone as a possibility]

Club: well, season’s shot and everyone’s injured, and we have literally no alternative, so I guess this week we’re playing Parish in the guts, tagging the opposition’s best mid, and giving Clarke a game.
Parish: [30 touches, 10 clearances, 2 goals]
Clarke: [23 touches, 10 tackles, 6 clearances, tags Cripps into a quivering puddle of irrelevance]

Club: [beats Carlton] the future is bright! Looking forward to next year! And none of us in any way should lose our jobs!!
Blitz: [facepalm]


Beating those ■■■■ rags is always better than losing to em. Doesn’t matter how we do it.

■■■■ Carlton.


A 41 pt win was never in doubt after the VFL result

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Trains are cancelled on my line and I don’t care.

Farked Fark Carlton.
Farked Fark Northern.
Farked Fark Carlton.


Dude, I don’t know if you actually got the memo.

But nobody on Blitz has ever actually coached at senior level before. Therefore we have no idea what we are talking about.

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Sounds a reasonable excuse to use, … if the Election result wasn’t enough already. :smirk: