Thursday Nights Blitzcast

I cant help but feel the board crashing was retribution for comments made surrounding Tom Bellchambers pants.



Rolo and i solved everything, and the fuzz didnt like it.

iTunes link don’t work mate. Re-up?

I'm still waiting for somebody to post a photo of said pants!

They weren't as bad as I expected they would be.

Let's be honest. They're pretty bad.



its very hard to pull off the citrus pants look, best avoid even trying to do so.


I thought Ben was overreacting, but now that I've seen them I'm inclined to agree.


However I think my theory is spot on.

Ben is actually more correct than he knows. The last post in the old database was by Bloodstained Devils in the BlitzCast thread :lol:

So that was the post that broke the servers back huh?  I'm not completely sorry,as it led to this new format re birth, which tho still in it's infancy is fantastic.


Kudos Rolo & all, look forwrd to seeing how it evolves.


Came in to get the link to BBC .. Is there only the iTune vers? or is the regular dropbox one on the way?

Geez I knew he had a hot girlfriend but wearing her tights is taking it a bit far.