Ticket for ANZAC Day available

given we usually get a few of these just before the day, I thought I'd start a new topic rather than bump the other ANZAC Day topic - easier for people to see!


I have a spare standing room ticket available.  $30.50.  Also offered on Facebook so yell quickly if you want it!

annnnd gorn!

ok, might have another one, sing out if you are still interested!

yep, have another standing room ticket available.  Same price. :)

Have you got an ANZAC Day ticket tree ?

I have one reserved seat ticket available - Gate 1, Level 4, Q35, Row BB 7 available at $33

second standing room ticket gorn

If anyone has a ticket that they want to sell I'm after 1.  DM me?

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thread revived

Do I have to close every thread from the past decade?

P.S. Rubbish notification. What has it been, 2 years and 364 days, therefore don’t report it as “three years later”?