Tiffany has a plan

Love your work, Jackie. You have made me laugh for the first time this week.


Exactly that.  Pure gold Jackie... ty :)


So even after all this time, I'm still confused.


Is Tiff an actual person or some sexy alter ego of Jackie's?

she's a fictional character


Don't spoil it for the rest of us just because you are used to hearing "I am, if you want me to be...". 


Tiffany is a state of mind as much as a real person…

id love hirdy to strap on the boots again, however it sont happen. great read though

Great read Jackie.

Great work Jackie! Got to love Tiff's attitude and fight! I have a feeling we will need a lot more Tiff stories to cheer up the Bomber faithful as this saga will keep on giving for some time to come.


Nice to see Tiff back in action.

are jackie and tiff both chicks?

While I always thought JM is XY..... series may have acquired another level of interpretation for those keen on ambiguity and that type of action. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Was your pizza a vegetarian?  No meat.  That's o.k. because your story had plenty of it.