Time to Stringer Up the Kennel on Sunday; pre game discussion

I’m really pumped for Sunday. Even though last week hurt, Its the third team in three weeks that we have struggled to beat in recent years. We haven’t beaten the Dogs since 2014. I’ll happily take 2/3 start to the year.
Win on Sunday and we have definitely improved in 2018 and can begin to build on a solid start to the season.

R19, 2017
Western Bulldogs 19.13 (127)
Essendon13.19 (97)

R22, 2016
Essendon 7.11 (53)
Western Bulldogs14.9 (93)

R18, 2015
Essendon 5.10 (40)
Western Bulldogs19.13 (127)

R18, 2014 our last win against them
Western Bulldogs 14.10 (94)
Essendon15.11 (101)

Is this different to the changes thread?

Can I only talk changes in there? Can I not mention them here?

Its all getting a bit hard.


Last year’s loss to the dogs was disgusting, almost on par with our loss to the lions


I have zero optimism and only dread in my stomach about this game.

Us by 70.


Inaccurate kicks for goal kills us every time

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A forward line (WB) that hasn’t looked like kicking a goal over the first two weeks will be kicking them out of their you-know-what on Sunday. Last year they could barely miss a set shot.

Deer in headlights stuff for us again.

Then Worsfold, casual as anything in the post-match press conference: “Yeah they caught us by surprise a little bit” :weary:


A game against a bottom 4 side we should win, so its a a game we will lose.

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Its time you change your tone.

Dogs are the worst team in the AFL so far.
Lowest points for.
Highest points against.

We should destroy them, but they will come at us with intense pressure and we will be lucky to win it.

I dont ■■■■■■■ know

Guaranteed we may win this

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The game is still days away and Im already disappointed with Essendons anticipated performance.


It’s sad but this is the mentality this club has given us. apart from a select few inbreds, most will be worried about this game.


Your obsession with “ club mentality” and “culture” as tangible things is getting tired.
It would help if you discussed more actual footy, and hurled fewer general insults at those who have a different opinion.

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our backline should handle their forwards.

raz back in and a good game from our ruck is pretty important.

expect more measured delivery to our forwards and a return to a really effective attack.

should kick 100 points. means we are a damn good shot at winning.


You would expect this to be a key focus of the week and training.
It has to be both ways for it to work.

  • Mids to lower the eyes, and think about the best option.
  • Forwards providing a good target - which is not standing still next to opponent(s) waiting for a ball on head marking contest.

Have we thought of moving Zach Merrett to CHF to play the Davey role?

Worth a look.

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HTFU people.

Will smash these clowns easily.


10 goal win


Easy win here.

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