Tipz on Blitz is back for it's EIGHTH year!

Welcome to 2017 Tipz on Blitz!

“You’d think by the eighth year the tipz on blitz would show some real results. Last chance before delisting I reckon.” - annoymous user

Here we go again. I’ve setup the tipz for 2017 and it’s set to go. Those who were with us last year need not join again but you will need to ‘reactivate’ your account if you haven’t logged in since last year.

Those who are new and wish (or those who have previously ignored me) are welcome to join. Please follow the instructions below.

Those who do not wish to play again this year please email me through footy tips and i’ll remove you or you can also remove yourself.


There is no entry fee (Yep it’s free!)

What’s the prize? Eternal glory on Bomberblitz as a tipz winner! Like a Premiership tough luck if you end up second.

Places are based on most tipped correctly. If drawn on tips it will come down to margin.

TO JOIN follow the link below;

password is: bomberblitz

If you forget to put your tips in this year, tough, no away tip for you, the result will now be 0. I’d suggest if you’re someone who is forgetful to put in your tips for the whole season. This way if you forget at least you have some tips in. You can always edit your tips anyway so think of this as a safeguard.

There are no joker rounds (i.e. no double points scenario for a nominated round).

Competition ends not on the grand final but the last game of the home and away season.

Draws are still considered a correct tip irrespective of who was tipped. Can’t change this on their system.

Can’t see if they are offering a free whopper again for anyone who tips 9. Probably will but who knows?

Please review your account settings with footy tips as well. If you don’t put in a nickname it will use your real name.

If you have any additional questions or prefer an email invitation please PM me your email or leave me a reply.

All are welcomed to join. We do have a Richmond and Collingwood supporter who also tips with us.

Good luck everyone and hope you join!

Previous Winners

2016 - Yossarian
2015 - DODGA
2014 - Swoodley
2013 - Cale
2011 - Bomberfan101
2010 - Fogdog

I’m in

I’m in too

I’m in


Tippa Bump

Don’t forget this, lost in all the new stuff.

All logged in.

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Just a small bump here again. We get a couple more everytime it’s bumped.


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I’ve got a signed Gach photo that I’m happy to donate for first prize…or last prize. Take your pick.

We don’t do a last prize cause you don’t get ‘away’ tips if you forget to put your tips in. So it’d have to go to first.

Bump. Only a few days left.

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Joined in again.

Just a suggestion but you could make it lowest score for the round to do the right thing by those who tip on time but not wipe people out completely for missing one round. Probably the fairest middle ground and would keep more people interested till the end.

Love this comp have to do sfa to stay in it.

I’ve mentioned this earlier but if you’re somone who often forgets to put your tips in then put in all your tips now for every round.

You can always edit your tips (provided the game hasn’t started).

We used to do away tips if you forget but the result was almost the same with regards to interest. Also it was annoying when you tipped 3 and those who forgot tipped 7.

However, if enough people agree I can turn it back on.

Actually I can do this rule;

The lowest comp score for the round.

This will only affect tippers who don’t enter ANY tips for the round. If a comp member partially tips a round, they will receive zero points for any missed tips.

Lowest score plus or minus “X”
Comp members who don’t enter tips receive the lowest comp score for the round plus or minus X (where X represents a custom modifier such as -1). If a comp member partially enters tips, they will receive zero for missed tips and regular scores for entered tips.

How is the lowest score calculated?

The lowest score for the round is calculated based on the scores of everyone who has entered tips (including members who partially entered tips). Comp members will never receive a score below zero.

What scores will comp members receive?

If the lowest score for the round is 4 and the modifier is -2, comp members who don’t tip will receive a score of 2. If the round score is 1 and the modifier is -2, comp members who don’t tip will receive a score of 0 (they will never receive a negative score).

When will scores be available?

Comp members who don’t tip won’t know their score until all matches for a round have been completed. Scores will be shown as ? on ladders while a round is in progress.

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Sorry if that came off like I was whining Soulnet, it wasn’t my intention. I’m actually pretty good at remembering my tips and like the comp, but no one is perfect and I know I would definitely switch off if I got a zero. I think there were some last year who said it was a killer for them, so they stayed out.

Doing them before the year starts is entering FLR ground. Even if you can go back and edit.

But it’s you’re comp and you do what you think is best. Appreciate you organising it each year.

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Nah, you didn’t. All good :slight_smile: