Tiwi Bombers stripped of NTFL points for $12,000 debt, future of club from Tiwi Islands in doubt


Any chance for promotion of that Tipungwuti wearing #1 for Tiwi? Seems to do well.


Former Melbourne utility and West Perth (clap clap clap) coach Darren Harris?


I enjoyed that game ,except the first and last quarters where they took their foot off the peddle and lost . Is it just me or is the NT footy easier to watch than AFL ? I reckon it is a more free flowing game and highlights the talent of alot of dedicated footballs playing for the love of it ,not necessarily for the money .


when you play in 95% humidity you have 1 effort. Perhaps 2.
So you chase less and tackle less.

But when you have the ball…

So many great story’s of footballers who come from the bush on a weekly bases blowing their match payments on petrol, accom and food!


Isn’t that more or less what everyone spends their money on?


Not to play a game of footy.


Back in 1995 i went to Ularu and on the way back to Alice springs a carload of local footballers had run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere . I gave them my spare 20 litres of fuel to get to the local servo and it might have been 100 plus kms to find one. They were travelling a few hundred miles just to get to their game and pull on the boots. I cant remember who they played for ,but they had bombers jumpers on. The word " Local " to people up that way can mean alot of distance between where they are and where they want to be and the fuel cost just to get to a game would be significant. Then take into account they have to eat and maybe stay overnight after a game and thats where the money can go ,
I spent $1000 in fuel and caravan park fees just driving from melbourne to Ularu ,Alice Springs and back. It ain`t cheap.

Hats off to their dedication and love for the game.