To ensure an ANZAC Day win, we need to


Tag Sidebottom


If we bring the same pressure as the game today we will beat them. It’s all mental for this group

Bellchambers needs to have a big one against Grundy


support both sides :joy:



have someone bet on both heads and tails at two up ?


Bring the pressure. Pressure them & they will fold. Must bring that intensity though or we will be in strife. Woosha won’t do it but we need to send someone to Sidebottom, he’s shredding teams at the moment, maybe Guelfi is the man?


Cautiously optimistic about Hooker in the backline against the Pies. His intercept marking should come to the fore against a shorter forward line, you would think… however, his pace could also be exposed. I would guess he is now 5 to 10 kilos heavier than the last time he played as a back. He wasn’t quick then, he’s ruckman-slow now.

Also, I fear Sidebottom. He’s in incredible form. And can play really well against us. Our guys will need to be on against Collingwood’s star-studded midfield.


The Pies are a real run and spread team. Ran the Crows ragged. Will need to bring the same energy/ workrate as today. Plenty of tackling pressure.


Guelfi was super today. Loved his appetite for the contest. Saying that, I would prolly have Smith play on Sidebottom.


We will also need to be really switched on defensively…they’ve turned their season around by honouring the leads of their forwards…they’ve stopped kicking high and long and are following a definite tactic of keeping the ball low. If we’re not ready for that, we will be in trouble.


Same here. Grundy is in dynamic form, and gave their onball division an armchair ride.


Hope Wells, Mayne or any other D-grade “has-been”/“never will be” doesn’t come in and put us to the sword, Shane Kersten-style.


Grundy / Sidebottom must have little impact, or at least have someone putting some kind of pressure on them


Sidebottom has been tagging blokes at the stoppages then running off them. We need someone to either tag him or have our bloke be just as damaging offensively.


ensure WOB gets to the game somehow, as we always seem to win when he makes the trip down.

To make a certainty of the W, have @Paul_Peos go out for a ciggie in the 3rd qtr when the Pies kick 3 in a row to mount a challenge.


Tip Collingwood.


Chuck 200$ on the Pies to win and Sidebottom to get over 35 touches…

Cos I’m I caaarnt of a gambler and always lose :flushed:


We need to defend the way other teams defend to beat us. Pressure at the contesr, either force a turnover by hand or foot and let hooker gobble the ball up in defence.


It won’t happen but I’d be playing McKernan. Grundy will kill Bellchambers in 2nd efforts and around the ground. McKernan is at least a chance to compete.
Then bring in a fresh Bellchambers to ruck against Gawn 4 days later.
We need to be thinking about both games as a block and not just focus on ANZAC day. Both games are worth 4 points.


We need to get the gloomers to do a 180 degree full Donnington spin and give the universe the positive vibes it requires**

**and keep the same intensity and keep stringer forward and Hooker back. There I said it.


Do this and sacrifice yourself for the team.